A war which saw the Gaien Dukedom launch an attack on the Kooluk Empire's southern frontier of El-Eal. Although the powerful Gaien Navy attacked El-Eal in confidence, their fleet was decimated by the strength and strategies of the Kooluk naval commander, Troy. Completely defeated and routed, the Gaien fleet pulled back, allowing Kooluk to advance, eventually annexing the Gaien colony of Middleport.

In order to take advantage of the advent of Rune Cannons on the island, Kooluk eventually agreed to a treaty to end the war which saw Gaien allow Middleport it's independence, a compromise between returning the island to Gaien and leaving it annexed by Kooluk and allowing the Empire to trade for Rune Cannon supplies without interference.

The Gaien-Kooluk War greatly damaged Gaien aspirations for the islands of the Kuknasi Sea and led to the Dukedom playing a much more subdued role in the region in the future.

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