"A general in the Order of the One True Way's army and is a great swordsman who has yet to be defeated in battle."
Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook Description

Fredegund is the Tenson Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Fredegund was the second princess of Astrasia, and the younger sister of Chrodechild. They built a strong sisterly bond, which was Chrodechild noted herself. Fredegund was trained to be the strongest swordswoman, just second to her sister. She is also an ex-general of the Order and one of the Starbearers, and the wielder of the Divine Edge, which she use to participate in a same name unite attack with Chrodechild.



Fredegund is an emotional woman, who is deeply attached to her older sister, Chrodechild. The bond of the sisters is very strong, in that she still referred to Chrodechild as her "pride." She is a fragile, friendly and loving woman at heart, regretting the act of betraying her own country. Following the game's conclusion, she remained without a title so as to atone for her actions.

When she is with the Order, acting as the general there, she could revert to another person. She was shown to be bloodlusting, prideful, loyal,and rather stressed of herself.



When the Order attacked her kingdom, she was mentally shocked, and chose to side with the Order, after taking over the half of Divine Edge with her. She was accompanied by Beardsley, who kept brainwashing her whenever she thought twice about her betrayal.

She was the General who leads the siege to the Tribe of Furious Roar, and had the chance to fight the Blades of Night's Veil was lead by Chrodechild. Chrodechild was defeated by her Divine Edge, as was the rest of her team. Fredegund told her about how sad she was, that she agreed to reside with the Order, so that she wouldn't have to worry about what would happen. Chrodechild scolded her for betraying her own country, which shocked her. After counseling with Beardsley again, she decided to pull back after their defeat.

The next event occurs at Pharamond, where both of them reunited once again to fight. Chrodechild stated that she would be willing to kill Fredegund if she has to. They fought against each other, and it was revealed that once Chrodechild's sword touched Fredegund's Divine Edge, her sword would gain power from it. Equal in strength, Chrodechild succeeded in defeating the trembling Fredegund. She became shocked of her defeat, and Chrodechild explained that Fredegund would never be able to defeat her, since she still loved her sister. Fredegund became shocked and Sieg forced Beardsley to retreat. She cries on Chrodechild's shoulder as she reconciles with Chrodechild. She shows much regret regarding her actions while she was under the control of the order.

It was revealed to the player later that their swords Divine Edge are the Chronicles too, leading to the event where she was recruited to the company, together with her sister.

Fredegund was rather depressed and upset at her sister's missing to the Scribe's village, asking her to never leave her alone again.

Fredegund is one of the main characters that is needed to recruit Lathilda and Bosche in Noslaw Wood. It was revealed later that Lathilda once served as one of the ladies-in-waiting of Pharamond, who is also the person who took care of the Princesses.

Fredegund also shown a deep regret to Quillard's comment about her, calling her a traitor that shouldn't receive her sister's forgiveness, but he apologized later, telling her that he gained a trust over her.

Fredegund remained without title in her kingdom after the war, while her sister became the queen.

Role in the GameEdit


Joins automatically.


Need Details.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 537/537
MP 497/497
STR 189 MAG 149
PDF 149 MDF 129
SKL 189 SPD 214
LUC 149

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Sword, Shield, Dual Weapon
Armor : Garments, Light Armor, Regular Armor
Accessory : Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Fredegund can perform the Divine Edge unite attack with Chrodechild.


  • Fredegund and Chrodechild are always having a match when they are little and Chrodechild is the one who always winning the match.
  • Fredegund's pride and joy is her sister Chrodechild.
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