Mukumuku SII

Flying Squirrels are animals that can be found in Suikoden and Suikoden II. There are two kinds of squirrels; some are shy, gentle and will join a persons party, such as the Five Squirrel Squad, and the wild squirrel enemies that can be encountered while on the map in Suikoden and Suikoden II.

Five Squirrel SquadEdit

The five squirrel squad is composed of five different squirrels with a different color of cape. There are four males and one female in the group. The squirrels can be recruited around Greenhill, although one can be recruited at the beginning of the game (Mukumuku).

  • Mukumuku - Is the leader of the five squirrel squad and has red cape.
  • Makumaku - Has a Blue cape, he is the best mage out of the squirrels and can use Water and Blue Gate Runes.
  • Mekumeku - He wears a green cape.
  • Mikumiku - Is the only female member and wears a pink cape.
  • Mokumoku - Wears a yellow cape and is the strongest member of the squad.

Wild SquirrelEdit

The wild squirrels in Suikoden can be found around the Seika area and they drop Holy Crystal's on occasion. While in Suikoden II, they are called "Flyers" and can be found around the South Window, North Window, Radat and Kuskus areas. They solely wear red capes and are sometimes accompanied by a Target Lady.


They are small, fluffy and chubby and their fur color is brown.


  • When the squirrels talk they will say MuMuMu.
  • When equipping a rune the squirrel can't control it properly. Instead when using the rune there is a brown fog coming out from them.
  • When in battle the squirrels always raise their right hand.