Floating Garden of Gregminster

Perched at the top of the Gregminster Palace, the Floating Garden is well known for its rare flora and fauna. Some species, such as the Black Dragon Orchid, can only be found in the imperial garden.

In SY 457, the final battle of the Toran Liberation War was fought in the Floating Garden, when Emperor Barbarossa Rugner used the Sovereign Rune in order to transform himself into a three-headed Golden Hydra. Tir McDohl and the members of his entourage, however, managed to vanquish the Emperor's rune-enhanced form. After being defeated, many of his former Six Great Generals pleaded with him, trying to bring the Golden Emperor to see how his court magician, Windy, was using him.

Windy, surprised at her lover's loss, berated the Emperor, before turning to attempt to take the Soul Eater from Tir, but the rune rejected her. Barbarossa, holding Windy in his arms, confessed his love to her; though many (including Windy herself) had thought his affections for her were due only to her resemblance to his late wife, Claudia, Barbarossa, in truth, loved her and longed to erase the sadness in her eyes. However, even the Emperor himself realized that this was his mistake, and gathering Windy into his arms, Barbarossa jumped off the terrace of the Floating Garden, bringing both his reign and the Scarlet Moon Empire to an end.