The Fisherman Attack will inflict 3x damage to one opponent but then both Tai Ho and Yam Koo will be unbalanced for one turn. In it both Tai Ho and Yam Koo leap to a slight angle of the oppenent then dash throught them in an X formation. Note: the unbalanced status effect can be prevented with a Turtle rune, allowing the pair to inflict massive damage every turn.

Required MembersEdit

S1 Tai Ho Portrait
Tai Ho
S1 Yam Koo Portrait
Yam Koo

Suikoden IVEdit

The Fisherman Attack deals 0.4x total damage to all enemies. In it, Ugetsu and Shiramine lean back and cause an explosion of water. They then grab a net off the ground and yank it up. As a result, fish fall from the sky and land on the enemies causing damage.

Required MembersEdit

SIV Ugetsu Portrait
SIV Shiramine Portrait