The Feather Tribe is a race of bird-like people in Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century.


Their appearance largely resemble birds, though unlike general birds, they're shown to have a high intelligence, proved by the fact that they can learn Yuga People's shamanism and ninja techniques, which are said to be a difficult thing to do. With their wings, they supposedly capable of gliding through air, but this ability of theirs aren't seen much in-game.

They generally lived in Gugulevon, a village close to Shidas Forest. The current leader is Gwain.

Like the Scaled Hordes, it's difficult to tell apart their gender, but based on the main casts, it seems the ones with dark-colored feathers are males (Biarga, Buturuga, Gizellega, Gwain, Hwan), while the ones with bright-colored feathers are females (Dililie, Irene, Meamei, Mouie).

Since a long time ago, the Feather Tribe is said to be a race of coward bird-like people. They don't have though body like the Scaled Hordes and are not the best when it comes to combat. But time to time, there are a select few of them with brave and independent personality who choose to leave their safe shelter in the forest and fight in the outside world, like Meamei who built a home close to Orosk Village and Biarga who lived in Hioni Mountain.

The Tribe seemed to be a race with a natural talent in playing music and use it for combat. Other than that, they've been taught shamanism by Yuga People, that including using the magic and creating the stones necessary for the magic to work. Aside from that, they seem to be proficient in using bow and arrows and are good healers.

They tend to be cautious around humans, due to the fact that now and then, some humans are trying to capture and make them into their pet. But one can befriend them if they whistle a particular melody, which will let them know that the human isn't an enemy. Hero is taught the melody when he and his party helped Mouie, and used the melody to attract Meamei's attention.

Notable IndividualsEdit

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