Faylen is the Chiin Star in Suikoden V.



Faylen is the younger sister of Faylon who she finds to be clumsy and annoying. She along side Faylon and Roy were among a group of bandits. She has a crush on Roy and dislikes Lyon due to Roy's crush on her. After the war she and Faylon join Roy as actors.

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During the Sun Rune War, their groups is trying to brand the Freyjadour Falenas as a bandit and "sully" his name. Originally her role was to dress up as Lyon to further the idea that Freyjadour had turned to banditry, but when she showed off her costume to Roy he laughed at her.

Later Freyjadour learned their bad deeds and found their hideout in Ranro Mountain. After Roy was beated by Freyjadour, she protected him and agree to help Freyjadour to exposed Euram Barows' evil plot. She joins the Prince's forces after the "Bandit Prince" problem has been cleared up. She, Roy and Faylon stayed at the Ceras Lake Castle and helped Freyjadour on his battle against Godwins. After the war, she goes to the northern continent in search of Roy. Finds him in training, and practically smothers him with care. If Roy died, she joins the Dragon Cavalry so that she can guard Roy's resting place. Trains to become the second female rider.

Role in the GameEdit

There are three ways to recruit Faylen:

  1. After dueling with Roy, choose the dialog options "I'll do no such thing", "I was only trying to clear my good name...", and "All right, it's a deal!", and Faylon and Faylen will join you.
  2. After defeating Roy in Sable, find Faylon and Faylen in Ranro Mountain in the furthest room, help them return the loot, pick up all 3 parts in that room, and talk to the person in the mayor's house.
  3. If you did not recruit Faylen and Faylon and choose to defend the castle, you can talk to them (dialogue choices don't matter).

Faylen is a good choice for a long-range fighter. She isn't overly strong but her weapon grows nicely over time. She can be a good attacker, support magician or attack magician.

  • Head - N/A
  • R. Hand - Gained at Lv. 1
  • L. Hand - Gained at Lv. 35

For magical runes, Faylen is ok with Fire, Wind, Earth, Holy and Dark. But worse in Lightning and Water.

  • Head - Medium
  • Body - Chain
  • Hand - Medium
  • Foot - Medium

Faylen is an L-range fighter that uses a Huge Boomerang as a weapon.

Weapon Growth
Name Wind Boomerang Gale Boomerang Hurricane Boomerang
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 10 20 35 50 75 90 110 125 140 160 170 180 190 210 230 250

Faylen can participate in Pretty Girl, Brotherly Love, and Teen Rebellion.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina B
Attack A
Defense B
Technique A
Vitality B
Agility A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic B
Magic Defense A
Incantation B
Treasure Hunt S

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Fate Control SS

Faylen adds two uses of the Charge ability to an infantry or cavalry unit.

  1. Faylen is Faylon´s younger sister. One of Roy´s bandits, or at least she used to be.
  2. Originally, Roy wasn't supposed to be the only one in disguise. Faylen was supposed to dress up as Lyon, too. But when she showed Roy her costume, he laughed so hard, she got mad and refused to wear it.
  3. Lyon asked me once, "I don´t think Faylen likes me, do you know why?" Ah, kids!

  • Lu

Roy confessed! He said he dressed up like Your Highness and made Lu promise to meet him alone up on the roof! What in the world was he thinking?

  • ......

You've got the wrong idea, Prince! I really don't have a problem with that bodyguard girl of yours! Can you tell her that? Please?

Trivia Edit

  • Faylen is the second character in the series to use a boomerang as their weapon, the first being Millie.
  • Despite having a boomerang as a weapon, she cannot use the long throw skill like Sialeeds Falenas and Sharmista, which is a skill for boomerangs; this is most likely due to the fact that she already has the treasure hunt skill.
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