The Falcon Rune is a recurring rune in the series that is associated with the fencing school run by Roundier Haia. The students of this fencing school are some of the strongest sword-fencing experts in the world of Suikoden and include the likes of Valeria, Anita, and Belcoot. The school is supposedly in the island nation of Kanakan.

Suikoden IEdit

A rune unique to Valeria, Deals 3x the normal damage against one foe.

Suikoden IIEdit

A rune unique to Anita and Valeria. Damage x2 against one foe but reduces user's accuracy by 10%. Valeria's version sometimes does 5x damage.

Suikoden IVEdit

A rune unique to Kika that deals 3x the normal damage against one foe.

Suikoden VEdit

A rune unique to Belcoot. Damage x3 against one foe. Reduced accuracy. Inflicts Unbalanced (100%).

Suikoden TacticsEdit

A rune unique to Kika that now uses various spells instead of its usual attack.

  • Falcon Slash: -Deals 1.2x the normal damage against one foe.
  • Falcon Thrust: -Deals 2x the normal damage against one foe.
  • Falcon Storm Thrust: -Deals 3x the normal damage against one foe. User Unbalanced.


  • The Falcon Rune is the only non-True Rune in the series to have a backstory associated with it.
  • It is unknown how Kika obtained her Falcon Rune, nor is it known if she ever studied under an ancestor of Roundier Haia, or even if her Falcon Rune is connected to the other Falcon Runes in the series. This is mostly due to Suikoden IV taking place 148 years before Suikoden V.
  • Valeria might be the greatest practitioner of the Falcon Rune style of Fencing if game mechanics stand for anything. In Suikoden II, Valeria has a chance of her Falcon Rune doing 5x damage instead of the usual 2x damage, allowing Valeria to break the damage limit with the right rune/equipment set-up.

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