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Game FactsEdit

  1. Aside from Sindar ruins, there has not been a single snowy region in the main stream Suikoden games. Only the spin off games, which take place in another world. Teirkreis & Tsumugareshi, have a winter Tundra.
  2. Harmonia is named after the Greek Goddess of Harmony and Concord. Harmonia is most well known in Greek Myth for her cursed necklace. The necklace granted eternal youth and immortality which made many people covet the necklace and start wars over it. All those who have worn the necklace were met with misfortune, madness, and death. The 27 True Runes have a similar power.
  3. In Suikoden series there are no T.V., Computers, Mobile Phone, Cars and etc. but they already invented a robot and had done a cloning.
  4. There is a bathhouse/bathroom in Suikoden, but there is no comfort room on the series.
  5. Suikoden II has the largest amount of characters in the series, making Suikoden second on the list.
  6. Suikoden V has the largest amount of unite attack combinations, making Suikoden II second.
  7. Suikoden V is the only main Suikoden game not to mention the name "Schtolteheim Reinbach III".
  8. In Suikoden II, Schtoltheim Reinbach III was called "Sturtheim Reinbach III" as a typo.
  9. In the Suikoden series, there is always one group containing five members except for Suikoden V which has two. Sometimes, all must be recruited, and other times, only one has to be recruited. They are the Blacksmiths, Flying Squirrels, Dogs, Mermaids, Beavers and the DoReMi Elves.
  10. Most of the main protagonists in the series are children except for Nash, Chris and Geddoe.
  11. In Suikoden II, if the player carries over the Suikoden save file to Suikoden II, if they name/rename Riou the same name they gave Tir in Suikoden, Gremio will mention that they have the same name.
  12. Lots of main protagonists in the series have lose or have lost either their father, mother, or both. However, most of them are eventually adopted by good people.
  13. Suikoden III has the most controllable main characters in the series, with six. They are Hugo, Chris, Geddoe, Thomas, Luc, and Koroku.
  14. Suikoden V has the highest amount of Old Books collection on the series.
  15. Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1, Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2, Genso Suikoden Card Stories, Genso Suikoden I & II, Genso Suikoden TIERKREIS: Castle of Stardust, Genso Suikoden Pachisuro, and Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century were never released outside of Japan. However, Suikoden I, II, III, IV, Tactics, V, and Tierkreis were.
  16. Suikoden means "Water Margin"
  17. There is a non-related anime called Stars of Destiny, as well as a non-related Suikoden MMORPG and there are a few other games called Suikoden that are unrelated to the series, including a dating simulator.
  18. Suikoden I has the most Elf recruits, with a total of 4 characters, while Suikoden II has the least in the series, with 1 character (Who appears in both games, Stallion). Suikoden Tactics is the runner up, with having 3 elf characters, while the rest, III, IV & V have two elves.
  19. Suikoden II has the most long range characters in the series, with a total of 20 characters (Including temporary characters). Suikoden Tactics has the least, with 5 characters.
  20. According to an interview with series creator Yoshitaka Murayama, he considers Suikoden II to be his favorite entry in the series and Viktor to be his favorite character.
  21. Characters with last names are connected to either important figures, wealthy families, or royal families.
  22. In almost every main Suikoden entry, there is mention of an elven village. In Suikoden I, there is an actual elven village to go to, while in Suikoden IV, there is an elven tree. In Suikoden III and V, there is a mention of one but cannot go there, and in Suikoden II, there is no village or a mention of one whatsoever.
  23. Suikoden II's story was created before Suikoden I. Yoshitaka Murayama loved it so much, but he needed it to be a sequel. Suikoden V also started being created before Suikoden III.
  24. In the main series, Dwarves don't appear in Suikoden II and Suikoden IV, while in Suikoden, Suikoden III and Suikoden V, they make an appearance. Suikoden III has only one recruit, while Suikoden V has five recruits. While the first Suikoden doesn't have any recruits, dwarves do appear in a Dwarf village.
  25. In Suikoden Tierkreis, there are 13 support characters, but most of them don't fight. 4 of them hold a broom, 7 of them hold a staff, while the 2 left do not hold anything.
  26. Most games have a Bandit group of three, usually related to each other (Family/Friends). Suikoden has Varkas & Sydonia. Kessler is also a bandit, but unrelated to the first two. Suikoden II has the Lampdragon Bandits, Koyu, Lo Wen and Gijimu. Suikoden IV has the Mordo Bandits, Lo Hak, Lo Fong and Lo Seng. Suikoden V has Roy, Faylen and Faylon.
  27. In Suikoden IV, you fight and defeat Little Daisy (named as "Moving Isle") as a part of the story. Afterwards, you can actually fight her again as a mini boss! She reappears randomly in battle in the Middleport area after liberating the Kingdom of Obel.
  28. Suikoden IV is the only Suikoden game to not have any temporary playable characters. The other Suikodens, including Tactics and Tierkreis, all have 1-3 temporary playable characters.
  29. Ninja's are a reocurring class in the main stream Suikoden games, however, they do not appear in Suikoden V. Instead, they are replaced by assassins Shigure, Sagiri and thief Raven, whom have similar abilities to the Ninja's. Sagiri, being the holder of the Shrike Rune, as previous Ninja's in the series have owned.
  30. Mounted attacks first appeared in Suikoden III and then later in Suikoden Tactics. In Suikoden III, a few people can mount on a monster (Ruby, Bright, Fubar), while in Suikoden Tactics, lots of characters can ride either a Giant Owl or a Kangacorn.
  31. In Suikoden III, Sindar is spelled "Cyndar".
  32. Suikoden III has more character races in the game than in any other Suikoden game, with 10. They are Humans, Kobolds, Dogs, Lizards, Ducks, Elves, Dwarves, Mantors, Griffins, and Dragons.
  33. In Suikoden IV, as support characters, Noah, Oskar, and Yu have an A ranking ability with their abilities. Noah has an A rank in "Find Money", Oskar has an A rank in "Find Treasure", and Yu has an A rank in "Healing".
  34. Crowley and Mazus once had a magical duel that took place in the Senan region of the Scarlet Moon Empire in SY 340. However, Crowley wasn't born until SY 345, and Mazus until SY 384. How they were able to travel back in time to have this duel is a complete mystery.
  35. In Suikoden Tierkreis, the Furious Roar can only equip claw and fist type weapons, despite the fact that most playable characters can wield all sorts of weapons.
  36. There is a promotional error on the poster for Suikoden Tierkreis, where it shows the main characters. Liu, however, is holding throwing knives, a weapon he cannot equip in the game! Why they did this is a mystery, as it is not accurate with the game.
  37. Support characters in Suikoden are not seen in battle except in Suikoden Tactics and Tierkreis. In Suikoden Tactics, characters are on the battlefield with their battle counterparts. In Suikoden Tierkreis, some support characters can participate in Unite attacks with playable characters.
  38. Suikoden I and II are the only Suikodens to not have support characters. However, the idea was most likely thought up in Suikoden II, due to having storyline characters join the party and being viewable on the menu screen as convoy members.
  39. Suikoden IV is the only Suikoden game in the main series to not have extra playable characters. There are no temporary party members, nor are there extra playable characters, Rather, all playable characters are Stars of Destiny. The spin off, Suikoden Tactics, makes up for that and has a couple of temporary party members.
  40. In Suikoden IV, once Lazlo has the torch for the kindling ritual, if you go into the back alleyways to fight enemies, Lazlo's weapon changes to the torch and adds fire damage.
  41. In Suikoden IV, there are non-star recruitable characters. The father, daughter, and the cat (Petting the cat gives Medicine) in Razril and a few people from the Kingdom of Obel.
  42. Suikoden Tactics and Tierkreis are the only Suikoden games with the most temporary playable characters, with both having 4 temporary party members.
  43. Suikoden II & III are the only games to have two characters with the same name; Suikoden II has Eilie and Ellie, while Suikoden III has Thomas the Tenkai Star, and Thomas (Nor), from the village of Nor.
  44. In the Comment Box in Suikoden IV, Lo Hak suggests that Katarina, Maxine and Helga could be a part of the Beauty Attack. He almost hints at a unite, however, in the actual game, it is Kika, Jeane and Ameria who can perform it.
  45. Suikoden III is the only game in the series where some Stars of Destiny are the game's antagonists. Under certain conditions, they can also be playable characters.
  46. In Suikoden II, Badeaux gives Riou two Listening Crystals to communicate with animal characters. The player must choose two out of three characters, Abizboah, Feather, or Sigfried (Or out of four characters, if they choose to recruit Rulodia). Recruiting Ayda involves Feather. Players always thought you needed to recruit Feather too, however, there is a way to recruit Ayda without recruiting Feather. In order to do so, the player must lose the battle to the Griffons, this will result in the death of Feather. Follow Ayda, and ask her to join.
  47. In the first Suikoden, the theme "Rock Rockland" that plays while in the town of Rockland, also plays in Sarady and Lenankamp.
  48. Suikoden I & II both share a town that has the word "Rock" in it, Suikoden I has Rockland, and Suikoden II has Rockaxe.
  49. Suikoden II has the most negative Health Status effects.
  50. Suikoden Tactics has the most positive Health status effects.
  51. Suikoden Tactics has one of the highest amount of positive and negative status effects in the series.
  52. The Wind and Earth spirits are first mentioned in Suikoden III; in Suikoden Tactics there are also elemental spirits that appear as enemies. It is unknown if the two are related, or completely different from each other.
  53. Every Tenkai star, except for Thomas, come equipped with an accessory on their head, such as bandana, circlet and headband.
  54. Most Suikoden games have a communication aspect between characters, where they can converse and get to know each other. This can be accomplished via the Bathouse/dining/rest and good will (conversing on the battlefield). The Suikoden with the least amount of conversations between characters is the first Suikoden, due to not having the feature. However, counting all of the games that do have the feature, the game with the least conversations would be Suikoden II, while the game with the most is Suikoden Tactics.
  55. The town of Iluya is interesting, in Suikoden IV, the player can fight enemies but not purchase items (Because it is a destroyed city). However, in Suikoden Tactics, the player can buy items, but cannot fight enemies there.
  56. Mordo Island, Donut Island, Lime Shelf Island and Mountain Mass Island are the only locations in Suikoden IV, to not appear in Suikoden Tactics.
  57. Suikoden I, IV, Tactics and Tierkreis, are the only games to feature Pirates.
  58. Jacques, Seneca and Lu, are the only characters to wield crossbows in the series. They are also all main characters (Jacques & Seneca), or have a part in the actual story (Lu accompanies you for a quest).
  59. Darel, is the cause of both the Jowston-Highland War and the Dunan Unification War.
  60. In Suikoden I, Rock and Qlon, both share a name with a location. Rockland & Qlon Temple, respectively. It's unknown if they were named after the places on purpose, or if it was just a coincidence.
  61. There have only been four times it has rained in the main series so far, the first time is in Suikoden I, when Tir and group are hiding from Imperial soldiers in Gregminster. The second time is in Suikoden IV, when Glen Cott uses the Rune of Punishment.The third time is in Suikoden IV, after meeting with Troy and Colton, Lazlo and his friend hoarded the rain water. The fourth time is in Suikoden V, when the Prince went to Deep Twilight Ruins and sees a vision of the dried land, rain comes forth to bring the restoration of the land.
  62. Kobolds an anthromorphic race of dog people, appear in every main stream Suikoden except for Suikoden V. In Suikoden IV and Tactics, Kobolds are instead, Nay-Kobolds (Cat People). But in Suikoden V, there is no trace of Kobolds or Nay Kobolds, however the Beavers take their place as the anthropomorphic people of the game.
  63. Lazlo is the only protagonist that can die in the end of the game, as a result of the choices the player uses in the game. The only other protagonist to come close, is the Prince. If the player chooses to become king through Salum Barows, the Prince is murdered and results in a game over.

Character FactsEdit

  1. Nanami and Millie would bang Pots & Pans during war battles.
  2. The main protagonist in Suikoden Tierkreis has a garrulous mouth.
  3. Mina & Karen are the only castle dancers, and there haven't been any more dancers since Suikoden II.
  4. Jeane is the most recurring character in the series, appearing in nine games.
  5. It was rumored that Leknaat was supposed to be the main antagonist of Suikoden VI.
  6. Kika is the earliest known character to have the Falcon Rune. It adds many questions, since Valeria, Anita and Belcoot all learned the Falcon Rune from Roundier Haia. Is Roundier Haia in possession of a True Rune and taught Kika? Did Kika know the Falcon Rune before Roundier Haia?
  7. Elves generally use bows as their weapon in the series, however, Nei, Paula, Selma, and Mercenary Leader are the only Elves to not use a Bow and Arrow as their weapon.
  8. Oleg also appears in another Konami game, Shadow of Memories, as a film maker.
  9. In Suikoden Tierkreis, Taj and Shams are hinted to be lovers.
  10. Geddoe is the oldest main character in the series, at 112. This is because he has the True Lightning Rune on him before the events of Suikoden III start.
  11. Despite having a Boomerang, in Suikoden V, Faylen cannot use the Long Throw Skill. However, Sialeeds and Sharmista can. This is only because Faylen has the Treasure Hunt Ability.
  12. Tir McDohl has made two cameo appearances, one in Mitsumete Knight R, and the other in Konami Wai Wai Sokoban.
  13. Nakil bears a striking resemblance to Lulu from Suikoden III; they both have a darker skin, more revealing clothes, and a different color hair in the middle. Whether this was on purpose or not is unknown.
  14. Norma bears a similar appearance to the Tales of Legendia character with the same name, Norma Beatty; they're both good with magic, have a wand type of weapon, similar hair style and have an enthusiastic attitude.
  15. Guillaume was not a playable character. This could be due to the fact that his statistics during his adventure in dueling with other characters were very inconsistent. Another theory is that he would have been too overpowered to have been playable.
  16. Balsam, Erin, Gadburg, Rekareka and Rufa are support characters but they can be used in a Unite Attack.
  17. Some Suikoden I characters are mentioned in Suikoden V. Morgan is mentioned as Shoon's friend whose eyes were removed due to being such a strong gladiator. Milich Oppenheimer is mentioned to have gone to Lymsleia's coronation ceremony and Bastan mentions Ivanov.
  18. Borus Redrum's last name, when read backwards, is spelled "Murder", which is evident when he murdered the many people of Karaya village.
  19. In Suikoden II, Gorudo and Lucia are the only characters to be able to cast a unique spell from their runes.
  20. In Suikoden I, some villagers believed Odessa was a 9 foot giant.
  21. In Suikoden I, characters like Juppo and Stallion have great magic ability, but cannot use runes due to their perspective runes being permanently attached.
  22. In Suikoden II, some villagers believed that Riou has a muscle popping out of his muscles.
  23. Lazlo is the first protagonist that can pet a cat, making Freyjadour second.
  24. The first Bard or Performer to be non-human is Nei, who is an elf.
  25. Currently, there are more or less than 1000 characters in the series.
  26. The first protagonist that belongs to a royal family is Lazlo, although this is confirmed by novelization.
  27. Tenkou is the only character in the entire series to be named after a star, despite not being said star.
  28. Genoh and Sierra Mikain are the oldest confirmed Suikoden characters in the series.
  29. Chris starts out with the most potch of any playable character, with 200,000 potch at the start of the game.
  30. Futch and Luc are the only two characters to be playable for the first three Suikoden games.
  31. All Narcissists either wield a sword as their weapon, or have a unique weapon that no other character in the series has ever wielded. Milich Oppenheimer, Vincent De Boule, Augustine Nabor, Schtolteheim Reinbach III and Charlemagne all use swords. On the other hand, Simone Verdricci uses a throwing flower as his weapon, and Josephine uses a parasol.
  32. Helga and Marica (Other) are the only female characters to use an axe as their weapon.
  33. In the main series, characters who use Boomerangs as their weapons have only been young girls.
  34. Kyril uses an Eku as a weapon. The only other character to use such a weapon is Serge from Chrono Cross.
  35. It is said that Crowley has over 100 runes on his body, but the irony is that in Suikoden I, he can only equip one rune, due to the game's mechanics. In later games, it is three.
  36. Zenoa is the first bald female character in the series.
  37. Aldo is never seen in any scenes with Lazlo.
  38. Estella has what is known as "pathological lying". It is also called either Mythomania or Pseudologia Fantastica.
  39. Chisato is the first and only voicologist in the series.
  40. Mitsuba is the only character in Suikoden Tactics that has a different affinity for each battle. This is mainly due to a special rune permanently attached to her forehead.
  41. Wendel has the highest magic stats in Suikoden Tactics, even surpassing Jeane and Simeon, but because she is a fighter character, she cannot use magic runes.
  42. In Suikoden III, Koroku, Kosanji, Kogoro and Koichi all have their names in Japanese, but translated to English. However, Connie's name was fully changed to the English version of the name.
  43. Nelis from Suikoden V, is a descendant of Pablo.
  44. Babbage, was most likely based off of the real life Charles Babbage, who was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer.
  45. Unlike most characters in the series, many protagonists have different sets of Outfits through the game. Riou, starts with a highlander outfit and changes into his normal attire. His Genso Suikoden Card Stories, card has him wearing a more militant attire. In Suikoden III, Chris Lightfellow goes from her regular knight outfit, to a green adventurers garb. Lazlo En Kuldes, in Suikoden IV has his knights attire in the beginning, normal attire in the rest of the game and also has a special royal outfit. Freyjadour Falenas, has various outfits used in the game. Frey wears a royal garb in the beginning of the game, he wears an adventurer's outfit for a while (Resembling that of Tir McDohl's outfit in Suikoden), and his normal attire once he becomes leader. After the game is completed, The prince dons a Knights outfit as well.
  46. Hugo is the only protagonist of the main series who doesn't use gloves to cover his True Rune.
  47. Julian Silverberg is the oldest known Silverberg. Elenor Silverberg, was born in year 252, 22 years after Julian helped Kranach Rugner create the Scarlet Moon Empire. But it is unknown how old he was, and what his relation to Elenor could be (Father, Grandfather, Uncle.. Distant relative etc..)
  48. Odessa Silverberg is the only Silverberg, to be a playable character.

Star of Destiny FactsEdit

  1. In the Suikoden series, every recruitable character is called a Star of Destiny, except for Suikoden Tierkreis; they call the Star of Destiny as "Star Bearers".
  2. Most Tenkai Stars in the main series are mute, and they only talk during choice events. However, there is an exception for Thomas, Tir and Lazlo, as Thomas isn't the main character in Suikoden III, Tir speaks by chance in Suikoden II, and Lazlo speaks like normal in Suikoden Tactics.
  3. The first and only female Tenkai Star in the series is Marica?.
  4. Not a single Tenkai Star/main protagonist fell in love in the series, although some characters have fallen for them. This is because they are usually busy commanding the army, recruiting, etc.
  5. All Tenkan Stars in the series generally has a bad attitude or bad manners.
  6. The Chichin Stars are always narcissist characters, except for Nofret from Tierkreis. Also, talking to them usually started the infamous "Gorgeous Scarleticia" theme.
  7. The Chikei Star and Chiku Star tend to be friends and may even have unites together. This is seen in Suikoden II (Millie & Meg), III (Mel and Belle), IV (Rita & Noah) and GS:TWWOAC (Chamjin & Roxine are relatives).
  8. Tanya is the first and only female Chikai Star in the series.
  9. Tensyo Stars tend to be recluse, or just don't deal with people very often. They usually have their own agenda.
  10. The only Tenki Stars to fight in battle are Liu-Shen and Regius, who are both from other universes.
  11. Tensoku Stars are always quick on their feet, and have amazing speed and agility as a result. Tensoku Stars wielding the True Holy Rune (called Godspeed Rune in Suikoden V) allows for quick movement on the map and the first attack in battle. These wielders, Stallion, Cedric and Cathari even show their likeness for speed in their character art, as they are shown running/moving.
  12. There are more known Tenkai Stars than any other star, due to a few appearing in Suikoden Tierkreis. Not only is Sieg, the main Tenkai Star, but Atrie and Marica (Other).
  13. Raja is the only female Tengou Star in the series. On top of that, aside from Ridley and Boris Wizen, she is also the only non-playable Tengou Star.
  14. All of the Chizoku Stars are either thieves, hero impersonators, and or have a potch/treasure hunt ability. Being known as the Thieving Star, the characters under this star are very fitting.
  15. In Suikoden Tierkreis, the character Diulf was the Tenkai Star in his original world, but when his world was destroyed and came to the Tierkreis world, he became the Tengou Star. This implies that character Stars of Destiny may be different per universe.
  16. Most Tenyu Stars are spear wielders. Camille, Tsai, Rachel, Chein and Hermione all wield spears or begin with spears. Yumi and Norma are the only stars not to wield a spear.
  17. Many Chikei Stars participate in the Pretty Girl Attack or Nymph Attack, that being Meg (S2), Belle (S3), Rita [Under Nymph Attack] (SIV & T) and Minen (Tierkreis).
  18. Noah is the first Chiku Star not to be playable, that is until her return in Suikoden Tactics as a playable support character. The second Chiku Star not to be playable is Chamjin.
  19. Miroon from Suikoden V is not only the first female Bath Keeper, but she's also the first non-human one as well.
  20. Melodye, Connell and Rania, share the same star and are all Phonologists. Melodye and Connell both wear a hat with a musical symbol attached, while Rania's hair style resembles a musical note.
  21. In the main series, there has always been at least one Narcissist that is a playable combatant in each main series game.
  22. Every Trickster character has been playable in the main series, especially the Chikei Star.
  23. The Chizen Star (The Silent Star), are always playable characters, except in Suikoden Tierkreis and Woven Web of a Century.
  24. Except for Sarah (Suikoden III) and spin off stars, all Chizen Stars are recruited in a cave.
  25. Some Tenkai star appear in the next installment, while being non stars this time. (Ex. Tir in Suikoden II, Lazlo in Suikoden Tactics)
  26. Except for Kasumi and Tomo, all Chikyu Star (The Intelligent Star) are swordswomen.


Magic/Rune FactsEdit

  1. Out of the 27 True Runes, 18 have been reported in the series, 15 have been seen, and 8 are player controlled.
  2. Suikoden III has the most True Runes appearing at once in the series, with six. They are the Five Elemental True Runes and the Night Rune, as the Star Dragon Sword.
  3. The Falcon Rune does not appear in Suikoden III. Instead, the Phoenix Rune takes its place.
  4. The Rune of Punishment is the only player-controlled True Rune not to be borne on the Right Hand slot of a character.
  5. Despite gaining the Moon Rune over the course of Suikoden II, it cannot be used in battle. In fact, it doesn't appear in any of Sierra's rune slots.
  6. The Soul Eater Rune's icon resembles Tir McDohl wielding a scythe, it even has his bandana flowing to the left side. This is further implemented when he attacks in battle, leaving a white blurr behind makes his staff resemble a scythe.
  7. The Dragon Rune is the only True Rune not to have a known child rune.
  8. The Swallow Rune in Suikoden Tactics, the Blessed White Lady Rune, the Blinking Rune, and the Shield Rune are the only runes to have three spells, and do not have a fourth level spell.
  9. The Soul Eater makes the most appearances of any True Rune in the series, appearing in three different entries. In all of them, it is player controlled.
  10. The Falcon Rune is the only non-True Rune to have a backstory.
  11. Due to the parasitic nature of the Rune of Punishment, it has had the most bearers in the series.
  12. The Bright Shield Rune is the only rune that requires all 108 Stars of Destiny in order to unlock its fourth level spell.
  13. Despite the existence of the Resurrection Rune, there is no mention of the origin of this rune or it is derived from a True Rune.
  14. In Suikoden II, the Bright Shield Rune's Level 4 spell, Forgiver Sign, is used once during the McDohl side quest. If the party loses to the Poison Moth, Riou and McDohl will use their runes to defeat the beast, with Forgiver Sign being used by Riou to help defeat it.
  15. Suikoden III, is the only Suikoden where True Rune spells are complete once the user obtains the rune. In Suikoden I, II, IV & V, the hero gains spells as the story progresses.

Item FactsEdit

  1. In Suikoden I, if any consumable items (like Medicine) are in Rock's vault, taking them out will completely refill them.
  2. In Suikoden I, the properties of the Earth Rune Piece and the Wind Rune Piece are switched due to a coding error. The Wind Rune piece gives a weapon +2 Defense and enchants the weapon with Earth, while the Earth Rune Piece gives the character +2 in skill and enchants a weapon with Wind Magic.
  3. Antoinette is the only inanimate object to get a profile picture in the series.

Weapon FactsEdit

  1. Suikoden IV is the only game to change the appearance of weapons, after every 6 levels.
  2. Crossbows only appear in Suikoden games, where the player can give characters the ability to hit more than once in a turn. (Suikoden III, Suikoden Tactics & Suikoden V)
  3. Most characters who wield crossbows, tend to have a special rune due to their weapon. Jacques has the Boronda Hawk Rune, and Lu has the Mischief Rune.
  4. Suikoden II, IV and Tactics, are the only games in the series to only have on character wielding a Hammer. This being Gadget, in II and Rita for IV and Tactics.

Location FactsEdit

  1. The only two continents that have not been covered at all are the Western Continent and the Eastern Landmass.
  2. The Ceras Lake Castle is the only player headquarters to fall, even for a short while, under enemy control in the entire series.
  3. The Queendom of Falena is the largest known country in the Suikoden world in terms of landmass.
  4. Duha Fortress (SI), Rakan Fortress (SI) and Rhetto Fortress (SII) are all places that are mentioned in their perspective games, but the player cannot physically go to these places and do not appear on their respective world maps.
  5. The ruins of Obel take on completely different appearances in both Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics.
  6. Gregminster is the only town in a mainstream game, to appear more than once in the series.

Enemy FactsEdit

  1. The Giant Tree from Suikoden IV is the only final boss in the main series not to be a True Rune incarnation.
  2. There have been a total of 7 True Rune incarnations, all of which were a boss in the series.
  3. The Creeper and Holly Boy family monsters make an appearance in every main Suikoden game. In Suikoden IV, however, they have different names "Wild Seaweed" & "Savage/Queen Sprout".
  4. The Sun Rune Incarnation is a moth. The reason behind it is because "Falena" in Italian means "moth", hence the reason why it is such.
  5. The level of the monsters in the Ruins of Obel is automatically matched to the level of the playable characters in Suikoden Tactics.
  6. The only Suikoden game where the enemies statistics/runes/equip items/weapon are viewable to the player, is in Suikoden Tactics


    • Game Facts 1-2, 15-20, 23, 25, 27-28, 33, 35-40, 42-44, 46-62
    • Character Facts 1, 3, 5-9, 11, 13-15, 17, 20-21, 31-33, 35-36, 40-47
    • SOD Facts 6-7, 9-12, 14-20
    • Magic/Rune Facts 3, 6, 8, 14-15
    • Item Facts 2-3
    • Weapon Facts 1-4
    • Location Fact 4-6
    • Enemy Fact 3, 5-6
  • Omega16 for:

    • Game Facts 2, 7-8, 21-22, 29-32, 34, 41, 45
    • Character Facts 4, 10, 12, 19, 27-30, 34, 37-38, 40
    • SOD Facts 2, 5, 13
    • Magic/Rune Facts 1-2, 4-5, 7-13
    • Item Fact 1
    • Location Facts 1-3
    • Enemy Facts 1-2, 4
  • Milkandchocolate for:

    • Character Fact 39, 46

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