Ernst is the Tensatsu Star in Suikoden V.


Background Edit

Ernst is a pretty young boy from a small village in Zelant Kingdom. One day Ernst and Norma found the Beast Rune and ever since Ernst bore the Beast Rune, it cursed him and it transformed him into leopard. If he really tries, he can transformed back into his human body for a very short period of time and his curse takes a break during full-moon nights. Due to the Beast Rune's curse, Ernst and Norma traveled to find a wizard who can break the curse. While traveling they became an entertainer because that was the only way she and Ernst could travel without arousing suspicion.

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Game Edit

During the Sun Rune War, Ernst and Norma found themselves in the Queendom of Falena. In Raftfleet they met Freyjadour Falenas and Norma asked him if he knows a powerful wizard. In Freyjadour's respond, he bring Levi a powerful wizard. Levi sense a powerful magic emanating from Ernst which he thought as a cat but Norma immediately told to Levi that Ernst was a human. When Levi told that Ernst bears a mysterious rune, Norma was amaze and told that they found the wizard they were looking for, but Levi corrected her and tell them that he was a rune magic scholar not a wizard. After Norma asked if Levi could helped Ernst's, Ernst transformed back into his human body for a short period of time. After seeing this Levi was fascinated and wanted to take the rune for himself.

Norma tell that they already asked a rune master but the rune master said that the Beast Rune was being hold on with magic and that they need a helped of a wizard to remove it. Norma and Levi agreed that if Levi can keep it off, he can keep it, but it cannot done immediately because Levi need to conduct a research first so Levi asked Freyjadour to taked Ernst and Norma back to the Ceras Lake Castle. Freyjadour gladly agreed and Ernst and Norma officially became a member of the Loyalist Army. As a member they helped Freyjadour on his fight against Godwins. After the war, he returned home with Norma and Levi, and turns towards the ruins where his curse began.

Role in the GameEdit

After summoning the Tablet of Stars, go to Raftfleet and ask him to join *without Levi in your party* and he will ask for a powerful wizard. Take Levi to see him.

Ernst is not as good as a geared human but is cheap to maintain and the Beast Rune is good against bosses due to its second spell, which can unbalance any foe without exception. This allows Ernst to effectively control boss fights and prevent the party from taking a lot of damage in the long run.

Ernst is an S-range fighter that uses his claws as a weapon.

Ernst can participate in Beast Tamer.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina B
Attack S
Defense A
Technique C
Vitality B
Agility S

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic A
Magic Defense A
Incantation A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Armor of Gods A
Divine Right A

Ernst adds the Recover ability to a military and a speed boost.

  1. A smart leopard that accompanies an animal tamer and gives astonishingly eye opening performances. That´s Ernst´s outward persona. Turns out he´s some unlucky kid -- a pretty boy, apparently -- who´s cursed because of some Rune.
  2. If he really tries, he can turn back into a human temporarily. During that time, he can harness the Rune´s powers -- and those are some powers, let me tell you. Also, for some reason, his curse takes a break on full-moon nights.
  3. Ernst has a real sweet tooth, but no matter what he eats when he´s a leopard, it doesn´t taste sweet. So when there´s a full moon, he tries to eat enough sweets to keep himself going for the next whole month.

  • Opinion

I forced myself back into human form so I could wri te t his ! can't hold (The rest is illegible.)

  • Full Moon

I will remain human this whole night, but even as I try to write, I find that I have far too much to say... Forgive me. I will put my thoughts in order by the next full moon.

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