Erin is the Chiin Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Erin is the daughter of the innkeeper Logan of the Grayridge Village, who rebelled against the Order. She pretended to work as Macoute's secretary, following the Order to her father shock, only to spy after Macoute. Erin and her father are one of the Starbearers.



Caring, kind, and gentle, Erin serves the company as the internal innkeeper, where the player could rest without paying, or editing the party and the formation there. Erin could be assertive sometimes, as stated in her mini-biography on the Starbearer's tablet.



Sieg and his party met Erin outside Macoute's office, when she pretended to be his secretary. Her father, Logan, was shocked of her daughter change of mind, from a rebel to a follower. After Macoute told them to go, Sieg and his party went back to the inn, and at midnight, Erin ran off to their room, explaining that she's only pretending to follow him to reveal his affair.

She told them that Macoute hid something at the Grayridge mine, and she asked them to reveal it together with her. Sieg agreed and at some point Erin shown her point of admiration towards Sieg, telling him that he's amazing.

Sieg and his party went to the mine and found a gateway there, but they couldn't reach it because they needed a rope that they didn't bring. They went to another room by the lift, and found Macoute's treasure, and the proof of his scandalous affair of taxes. Sieg also find another Chronicles, and brings it back home.

When they're about to exit the mine, they encountered by Macoute's guard, and they fight. Sieg and his party win, revealing Macoute's scandalous affair to his guard, and he threatens Macoute to reveal it to the Order.

Sieg went back to the inn, and at the next day they obtain the pass to Cynas. Erin insisted to go with them and her father agreed after some debate. They arrived at Fort Arc to see a mysterious man. She commented that he was an eccentric guy, while Jale is more worried about how shady he is, to approach them without their noticing him.

They went to Cynas just to be dumped off later on, but they met a guy whose name was Icas, who flirted with Marica and Erin. Icas was chased by the soldier, and he fled. Guards of the palace banned her to pass further, so they went to inn for a night. They later heard some voices on the next room, and found a weakling, ill old man. When they were about to call the doctor, the owner of the inn disallowed them to find the doctor, by the order of the Order. The old man recovered from his sickness after Erin took care of him, but he scolded them after they saved his life, telling that he should die because it has been pre-determined and took his leave. They were forced to hear the Order's leader speech. Sieg wanted to run away and to leave Cynas to Grayridge, but there are two archivists after the Chronicles who defeated Sieg with ease. Vaslof saved them at the last minute and together they escaped Cynas. Arriving at Grayridge, they accidentally listened to the plan of the Order soldier to persuaded Citro Village, and Sieg was angry to hear it. He decided to go back faster than them, by taking a shortcut, through the gateway.

They borrowed a rope from Logan, who also joined the party, and went to Fortress Ruins in minutes. They prepared for the attack, and they defeated the half of the soldier. Erin took care fo the injured soldiers and Dirk.

Sieg won the fight by the help of Chrodechild and Asad. The victory led to another event where Erin was left at the Ruins to be the innkeeper there.

After the end of the war, Erin stayed at the company, and thanks to her help, all the accommodations of the headquarters has become more comfortable.

Role in the GameEdit


Automatic recruit.

Entourage AbilityEdit

Repose: Restore HP of one ally at the end of every turn.

Unite AttacksEdit

Erin can participate in Family Attack unite attack with Logan.


Need Details.

108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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