This is the list of Enemies that can be found in the series. Something wrong or missing? Please edit this page. All the items are listed alphabetically.
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  • A - Appear.
  • S1 - Suikoden.
  • S2 - Suikoden II.
  • S3 - Suikoden III.
  • S4 - Suikoden IV.
  • Ta - Suikoden Tactics.
  • S5 - Suikoden V.
  • Ti - Suikoden Tierkreis.
  • TW - Suikoden The Woven Web of a Century.


Enemy A S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Abomination A
Ain Gide A
Air Lizard A
Akephaloi A
Alenia A
Anchor Fisher A
Ancient Crab A A
Ancient Creeper A
Ancient Whale A
Anemone Worm A
Angel Hairball A
Anji A
Arachivore A
Armadilloid A
Armes Bodyguard (Crossbow) A
Armes Bodyguard (Sword) A
Armes Soldier (Crossbow) A
Armes Soldier (Sword) A
Armored Gazelle A
Armored Personnel A
Armored Spider A
Arrow Bat A
Assassin A A A A
Auster Soldier A
Autumn Bear A
Avolo Pestis A
Azzodess A
Enemy B S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Bahram Luger A
Bald Kingfisher A
Ball Pig A
Balloon Lizard A
Bandit A
Bandit A A
Bandit B A
Bandit C A
Bandit (Green) A
Bandit (Red) A
Bandit (Yellow) A
Bandit Boomerang (Male) A
Bandit Bow A
Bandit Crossbow A
Bandit Fist (Male) A
Bandit Ghoul A
Bandit Sword (Male) A
Bandit Sword (Female) A
Banshee A A A
Barrow's Soldier (Sword) A
Barrow's Soldier (Crossbow) A
Beardsley A
Beast Commander A
Beast Rune A
Bicorn A
Big Creeper A
Billion Eye A
Bishop A
Black Buffalo A
Black Elemental A
Black Rodent A
Black Tiger A
Black Wild Boar A
Blade Bunny A A
Blazed Dragon A
Blight A A
Bloody Axe Hexer A
Bloody Axe Magician A
Bloody Axe Ninja A
Bloody Axe Warrior A
Bloody Behemoth A
Blue Dragon A
Blue Mantik A
Blue Mercenary A
Blue Rodent A A
Blue Scissors A
Blue Svire A
Bon Bon A A
Bonaparte A
Bone Dragon A
Bone Soldier A A
Book of Condemnation A
Boss Crab A
Bowing Crab A
Brandeau A
Bronze Sun A A
Bronzem A
Buffalo A
Busk (As Opponent) A
Byakuren A
Byff A
Enemy C S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Captain (Kooluk) A
Captain's Staff A
Centipede A
Childerich A
Chimera A A
Choe Choe A
Chon Chon A
Clay Doll A A
Club Cactus A
Cockatrice A
Coldhearted Spirit A
Colossus A A
Commander A
Condor Zombie A
Conon A
Copper Sun A A A
Colton A
Creeper A A A A
Crimson Dwarf A
Crow A
Crystal Core A
Culgan A
Cut Rabbit A
Cyclone Dragon A
Cyclops A
Cynas Archer A
Cynas Captain A
Cynas Mage A
Cynas Man A
Cynas Soldier A
Enemy D S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Daddy Rabbit A
Daggerwing A
Dagon A A
Damp Hairball A
Dark Bunny A A
Dark Dragon A
Dark Hare A
Dark Knight A
Dark Sagittarius A
Dark Shaman A
Darkness Bishop A
Darkness Knight A
Darkness Pawn A
Darkness Queen A
Darkness Rook A
Dead Blade A
Death Boar A
Death Machine (Spear) A
Death Machine (Sword) A
Delf A
Demon Frog A A
Demon Hairball A
Demon Hound A
Demon Kernel A
Demon Seed A
Demon Sorcerer A
Demon Wolf A
Depraved Monk A
Desert Barbarian A
Devil Armor A
Devil Eye A A
Devil Shield A
Diamond Sun A A
Diadora A
Diamond Sun B A
Differential Gear A
Dilber Novum A
Dirk A
Dokugumo A
Dolph A
Doremi Elf (Aqua) A
Doremi Elf (Blue) A A
Doremi Elf (Green) A A
Doremi Elf (Pink) A
Doremi Elf (Orange) A
Doremi Elf (Purple) A
Doremi Elf (Red) A A
Doremi Elf (White) A
Doremi Elf (Yellow) A
Double Head A
Drag Flower A
Drag Leon A
Drag Weed A
Dragon A
Dragonfly A
Durable Tiger A
Dry Fly A
Dullahan A
Dust Fish A
Dust Minion A
Dwarf A
Enemy E S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Eagle A
Eagle Man A A
Earth Elemental A
Earth Golem A
Earth Rune Crystal A
Earth Spirit A
Ekidonna A
Elephant Jelly A
Elite Soldier A A
Elite Soldier (Crossbow) A
Elite Soldier (Sword) A
Elite Trooper (Crossbow) A
Elite Trooper (Sword) A
Elite Trooper A A
Elite Trooper B A
Embryo A
Empire Captain A
Empire Soldier (Bow #1) A
Empire Soldier (Saber #1) A
Empire Soldier (Spear #1) A
Empire Soldier (Sword #1) A
Empire Soldier (Bow #2) A
Empire Soldier (Spear #2) A
Empire Soldier (Sword #2) A
Empire Soldier (Spear #3) A
Empire Soldier (Sword #3) A
Empire Soldier (Sword #4) A
Enmesherra A
Euram Barrows A
Euram's Henchmen A
Evil Bat A A
Evil Eye (Boss) A
Evil Eye (Minion) A
Evil Laggart A
Evil Ninja A
Evil Toad A
Executor A
Exile A
Eye Flower A
Enemy F S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Failed Mercenary A
Fairy Mouse A
Fall Dragon A
Fallen Angel A
Fanged Baboon A
Fanged Rabbit A
Fanged Silkmoth A
FaSoLa A
Fei Yu A
Fergus A
Fire Dragon God A
Fire Eagle A
Fire Elemental A
Fire Rune Crystal A
Fire Spirit A
Fire Worm A
Fisheye A
Fish Fiend A
Fishman A
Fishman 1 A
Fishman 2 A
Fishman 3 A
Fishman 4 A
Fishman 5 A
Flat Bird A
Flower Mossball A
Flowing Dragon A
Fly Lizard A A
Flyer A
Flying Squirrel A
Fog Ship Guide A
Formless Demon A
Fossil Beast A
Frost Bat A
Fugitive Ninja Hunter A
Furball A A A
Fur Fur A A
Furfly A
Enemy G S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Galleon A
Gau A
Geldi Monkey A
Gelfish A
General Guts A
Ghost Armor A A A
Ghost Holly A A
Ghost Knight A
Ghost Shield A
Ghost Slug A A
Giant Bat A A
Giant Crab A
Giant Slug A
Giant Snail A
Giant Tree A
Gigantes A
Gigas Arm A
Gigas Buffalo A
Girtablulu A
Godwin Soldier (Sword) A
Godwin Soldier (Crossbow) A
Gold Boar A A
Golden Bunny A
Golden Hairball A
Golden Hydra A
Golden Wing A
Golden Wolf A A
Golem A A
Googly Seed A
Googly Tree Bud A
Gorudo A
Graham Cray A
Grand Holly A
Grass Laggart A
Grass Squirrel A
Gray Turtle A
Gray Ulse A
Grave Master A
Greater Salamandy A
Griffin A
Grizzly Bear A
Ground Insect A
Guard A
Guardian A
Guardian Heat Sprite A
Guardian Light Sprite A
Gudalim A
Enemy H S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Hairball A A
Hammer Tounge A
Harpy A
Hawk Man A A
Hell Gatekeeper A
Hell Hound A A
Hell Knight A
Hell Lamp A
Hell Unicorn A
Hellsteed A A
Hermilo Crab A
Hermiso Crab A
Highlands (Bow) A
Highlands (Spear) A
Highlands (Sword) A
Hippogriff A
Holly Boy A A A
Holly Elf A A A
Holly Fairy A A
Holly Shrub A
Holly Spirit A
Horohoro A A
Horro Beast A
Horn Guts A
Horned Behemoth A A
Horned Lizard A
Huge Legs A
Hydra A
Enemy I S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Ice Bandit A
Ice Chieftain A
Ice Bird A
Ice Worm A
Immortal Sagittarius A
Imperial Archer A
Imperial Bard A
Imperial Defensive Archer A
Imperial Guard A
Imperial Guard (Crossbow) A
Imperial Guards (Saber) A
Imperial Guards (Sword) A A
Imperial Healer A
Imperial Hexer A
Imperial Lancer A
Imperial Magician A
Imperial Officer A
Imperial Ruffian A
Imperial Swordsman A
Inpu A
Inpumeleon A
Inpu Zombie A
Iron Claw A
Iron Moon A
Ironripper Rat A
Iskas A
Ivy A
Enemy J S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Janam Scorpio A
Janam Soldier A
Jellyman A
Jellyfish Man A
Jidan Guisu A
Enemy K S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Kaiser Boar A
Kanak A
Karayans (Blue) A
Karayans (Green) A
Karayans (Red) A
Kerberos A
Kidnapper A
Kidnapper Underling A
Kill Spider A
Killer Bald Eagle A
Killer Bee A A
Killer Bunny A
Killer Dog A
Killer Fish A
Killer Fly A
Killer Golem A
Killer Rabbbit A A A
Killer Ray A
Killer Rodent A
Killer Slime A
Killer Tiger A
King Leon A
King Mantrix A
Kobold (Bow) A
Kobold (Mage) A
Kobold (Sword) A
Kookaburra A
Kooluk Archer A A
Kooluk Archer B A
Kooluk Archer C A
Kooluk Archer D A
Kooluk Archer E A
Kooluk Archer F A
Kooluk Bowman A
Kooluk Captain A A
Kooluk Captain B A
Kooluk Captain C A
Kooluk Officer A
Kooluk Soldier A
Kooluk Soldier A A
Kooluk Soldier B A
Kooluk Soldier C A
Kooluk Soldier D A
Kooluk Soldier E A
Kooluk Soldier F A
Kooluk Soldier G A
Kooluk Soldier H A
Kooluk Spearman A
Kooluk Staff Wielder A
Kooluk Swordsman A
Enemy L S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Laggart A
Land Dragon A
Land Shark A
Large Spider A
Larvae A
LaTiDo A
Leathercut A
Leonardo A
Leosaurus A
Levathian A
Li lan A
Lightning Elemental A
Lightning Rune Crystal A
Lightning Spirit A
Lo Fong A
Lo Hak A
Lo Seng A
Lord Sagittarius A
Luc A
Luca Blight A
Lucia A
Enemy M S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
M-Knight A
Macoute A
Mad Condor A
Mad Dog A
Mad Ivy A
Mad Warrior A
Mage Art Gadget A
Magic Shield A A
Magician A
Magma Balloon A
Magus A A
Major Condor A
Malifaux A A
Man Eating Bat A
Mantikra A A
Martin A
Maxine A
Mechanical Archer A
Mechanical Soldier A
Medusan A
Megawaki A
Mega Watt A
Melonzoo A
Mercenary Leader A
Metal Crab A A
MiFaSo A
Million Eye A
Minor Condor A
Minor Efreet A
Minos A
Minotaurus A
Mirage A A
Mist Shade A
Mitsuba A A
Moldy Mossball A
Monoeye A
Monwer A
Mordolo A
Mosquito A A
Moss Behemoth A
Mossball A
Mother Earth Dragon A
Mountain Bat A
Moving Isle A
Mr.Venus A
Muddy Fish A
Mummy A
Enemy N S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Naineneis Turtle A
Nariqua A A
Neclord A A
Neclordia A
Needle Beetle A
Nemesis A A
Nightmare A
Nikia A
Ninja A
Ninja Leader A
Ninja Master A
Enemy O S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Oannes A
Ogre Frog A A A
One-Eyed Cobra A
One-Eyed Spider A
One-King Bishop A
One-King Pawn A
One-King Queen A
One-King Rook A
Orc A
Ornela (As Opponent) A
Orok's Henchmen (Fist) A
Orok's Henchmen (Knife) A
Ostrich Lady A
Ostrich Man A
Enemy P S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Papa Holly A A A
Paradise Bee A
Passionate Spirit A
Patriarchal Bowman A
Patriarchal Spearman A
Patriarchal Staff-Wielder A
Patriarchal Swordsman A
Pawn A
Peacock Lizard A
Pearl Crab A
Peck A
Peckles A A
Pekklar A
Pestrat A
Phantom A A
Phoenix A
Piercer Bird A
Pincer Bee A
Pink Bird A
Pirate 1 A
Pirate 2 A
Pirate Axe-Wielder A
Pirate Bowman A
Pirate Captain A
Pirate Crossbowman A
Pirate Spearman A
Pirate Swordman A
Pixie A
Pluto Boar A
Poison Bird A
Poison Lizard A
Poison Moth A
Poison Scorpion A
Poison Viper A
Porpos Soldier A
Prison Guard (Crossbow) A
Prison Guard (Sword) A
Prophet A
Psychedelerfly A
Purple Creeper A A
Pygmy A
Enemy Q S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Queen (Enemy) A
Queen Ant A
Queen Sprout A
Enemy R S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
RanRan A
Rabid Rabbit A
Rabbit Bird A
Raflesian A
Rage Dragon A
Ragged One A
Raparo Bird A
Rarohenga Eye A
Razorback A
Razor Dragon A
Red Dragon A
Red Elemental A
Red Mantik A
Red Mercenary A
Red Ray A
Red Rodent A A
Red Slime A
Red Soldier Ant A
Red Ulse A
ReMiFa A
RinRin A
Robot Soldier (Spear) A
Robot Soldier (Sword) A
Roc A
Rock Buster A
Rock Bird Chick A
Rock Bird A
Rock Crab A
Rock Dragon A
Rock Fish A
Rock Golem A A
Rockadillo A A
Rocket Bird A
Rodent Leader A
Roget A
Rook A
Rowd A
Royal Guard Archer A A
Royal Guard Archer B A
Royal Mummy A
Ruffian A
Rune Cannon (Small) A
Rune Cannon (Big) A
Enemy S S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Saber Fang A
Sable Patrol Guard A
Sahagin Head A
Salamander A A A
Salamandy A
Samurai A
Sand Pincher A
Sand Spider A
Sand Worm A
Sandillo A
Sarah A
Sauroid A
Savage Frog A A
Savage Root A
Savage Sprout A A
Saw Kingfisher A
Scaled Archer A
Scaled Horde (Enemy) A
Scaled Mage A
Scaled Shaman A
Scaled Soldier A
Scaled Sorcerer A
Scaled Surgeon A
Scaled Warlock A
Scaled Wizard A
Scorch Minion A
Scorch Queen A
Scoundrel A A
Scoundrel B A
Scythe Spider A
Sea Scorpion A
Sea Serpent A
Seed A
Senior Knight A
Sergeant Boar A
Shadow A A A
Shadow Dog A A
Shadow Man A A
Shell Baboon A
Shell Venus A
Shepcesska A
Shiu Lin A
Sickle A
Sierra Mikain A
Sigurd A
Silkworm Cocoon A
Simurgh Chick A
Siren A A A A
Simurgh A
Six Eyed Worm A
Skeleton A A A
Skeleton Bow A
Skeleton Fists A
Skeleton Sword A
Skeleton (Spear) A
Skeleton (Sword) A
Skull Army A
Skull Bat A
Skull Guts A
Skyfish A
Sky Knight A
Slasher Rabbit A
Sledge Mantis A
Slot Man A
Snail A
Snobby Shrew A
Snow Eagle A
Snow Fenrir A
SoLaTi A
Soldier Ant A
Soldier Boar A
Soldier Ghoul A
Song Sprite A
Sonya Shulen A
Sophia A
Sorcerer A
Sorceror A
Soul Slug A
Spark Beetle A
Speckled Ray A
Spectral Leaves A
Spider A
Spider Beetle A
Spider Hopper A
Spiked Lizard A
Spiker A
Spikebeak A
Spiny Gecko A
Spring Bear A
Spring Dragon A
Star Dragon Sword A
Stealth Bird A
Stone Golem A A A
Strong Arm A
Stun Lizard A
Sun King A
Sunshine King A
Sun Rune Incarnation A
Suspicious Man A
Svat Scorpio A
Sword Gazelle A
Sydonia A
Enemy T S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Taloned Aye-Aye A
Tarantula A A
Target Girl A
Target Lady A
Tellus Belva A
Tellus Cacaue A
Tellus Chevalier A
Tellus Crucaca A
Tellus Crugonas A
Tellus Crumera A
Tellus Crutoma A
Tellus Cruva A
Tellus Deglergo A
Tellus Efimera A
Tellus Entoma A
Tellus Lyuba A
Tellus Mie-tha A
Tellus Procaca A
Tellus Progona A
Tellus Promera A
Tellus Protoma A
Tellus Prova A
Tellus Ragona A
TenTen A
Tentacle A
Terrible Armor A
Terror Armor A
Terror Knight A
The Hundredth-Year Monster A
The One King A
Thorn Mushroom A
Thug A
Thug (Fist) A
Thug (Knife) A
Thunder Dragon A
Tiger A
Time Knight A
Torch Bat A
Torrent Minion A
Trainee 1 A
Trainee 2 A
Tricorn Tiger A
Troll Dragon A
Troy A
True Wind Incarnation A
Twin Snake A
Enemy U S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Ulse A
Unicombie A
Unicorn A
Unicorn Tiger A
Unicorn Zombie A A
Enemy V S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Vampire Bat A
Valfred A
Varkas A
Veile Boar A
Venus Truffle A
Vermitor A
Veteran Soldier (Bow) A
Veteran Soldier (Saber) A
Veteran Soldier (Spear) A
Viper A
Viper Man A
Visage Box A
Volcano Baboon A
Volcano Turtle A
Enemy W S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Wasp Breeder A
Water Boar A
Water Dragon A
Water Elemental A
Water Rune Crystal A
Water Spirit A
Whip Master A
Whip Wolf A
White Tiger A
White Wolves (Spear) A
White Wolves (Sword) A
Wicked Hen A
Wicked Warrior A
Wild Boar A A A A
Wild Crab A
Wild Leaves A
Wild Seaweed A
Wind Elemental A
Wind Spirit A
Winged Crab A
Winter Bear A
Winter Dragon A
Wizard Tree A
Wolf A A
Wolvan Blizzard A
Wolvan Flame A
Woodpecker A
Worm A
Wyvern A A A
Enemy X S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
X Bee A
Enemy Y S1 S2 S3 S4 Ta S5 Ti TW
Yellow Rodent A
Yellow Mercenary A
Yellow Svire A
Yuber A