Elenor portrait

"A fight against Kooluk and Cray Trading Company won't be pretty. Are you absolutely sure about this?"

Elenor is the Tenki Star in Suikoden IV.



Elenor Silverberg was a member of the reputable Silverberg family and she was a former strategist of the Scarlet Moon Empire, with Graham Cray as her apprentice. As the tacticians for the Scarlet Moon Empire she issued a warning about the Kooluk Army's sneak attacks, but they did not listen. She was dishonored and immediately banished from the Scarlet Moon Empire, she went to Hermitage Island to reside there with her new apprentice Agnes.



During the Island Liberation War, Lazlo along with Hervey, Sigurd and Dario went to Hermitage Island, to invite Elenor to become the tactician of their army. She asked Agnes to gave a wine with a drug to Lazlo and his party. Lazlo's body refused the drug and stayed awake while the rest of the party fell asleep. Seeing this, she told Lazlo that she'll join forces with his group, if she got a green bottle and a seal from the cave behind her house. After Lazlo obtained the item, he is attacked by a Horned Behemoth. Once the beast was defeated, Elenor was given the items and, as a result Elenor joined their army to become their tactician.

Soon after Lazlo recruited Elenor, she explained that they need a very strong person as their leader. She see's Lazlo fit to be the leader, but thought that many people would rather follow the King, Lino En Kuldes. She asks Lazlo to settle it with Lino En Kuldes, with a one on one duel. After Lazlo wins the duel they acknowledge Lazlo as their new leader, she also advises to name the army, as well as the ship. After a sometime Elenor lead the Island Liberation Navy to many victory against Kooluk.

During the final battle at Fort El-Eal, Elenor along with a small party went to Fort El-Eal to disable the rune cannon. She met Graham Cray and tried to hit her with a poisonous dart, but Ramada using his body protected Elenor from the attack. Graham Cray retreated, and went to the roof as Elenor chased him alone. Cray was defeated by Lazlo on the roof, while Elenor advised Lazlo and company to escape from the collapsing fort. Elenor decided to stay with Graham Cray, many believed that Elenor died on the explosion at the Fort El-Eal.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically after the events on Hermitage Island.

Talking to Elenor while in her room allows you to enter in a pseudo-war game similar to real wars but no one dies if you happen to lose. This allows you to come up with different strategies for upcoming wars.

Take the opinions in moderation. Don't get carried away by them. You have to be firm in your purpose. That's the duty of a leader.

When you get some time, it's a good idea to rest. With an alert mind, you'll be able to make better decisions.

Thanks for everything. I wasn't able to do much for you. I'm sorry.

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