El Qaral

El Qaral

El-Qaral is the capital of the Magedom of Janam. It is where the Mage Lord and his Empress Consorts live as well as the base of operations for the Blades of Night's Veil. It was here that the Mage Arts were developed and turned into a form of fighting style for use of in the Mage Company of Janam.

However late in the game the entire city was erased from existance, when Valfred fused the 10th world directly on top of it, killing millions.


Item ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a little HP. HP +100 50 Potch
Mega Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a lot of HP. HP +300 500 Potch
Mint Standard household medicine. Restores Silent 2,000 Potch
Antitoxin Bitter, dried medicinal herbs. Cures Poison. 50 Potch
Cough Drop 50 Potch
Tranquilizer 50 Potch
Revival Statue Revival one person 2,500 Potch

Weapon ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Broadsword 2,400 Potch
Magedom Sword 4,800 Potch
Gold Mace 6,000 Potch
Iron GreatSword 4,000 Potch
Bronze Axe 4,000 Potch
Silver Spear 6,000 Potch
Iron Fists 3,500 Potch



Sub LocationEdit

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