Eike is the Chisui Star in Suikoden III.



Eike has extremely strange looks and personality and he is the Castle librarian.



When Thomas first met Eike, he was lost in thought and soon afterwards apologized. When Thomas asked he was thinking about, he said "Aw shucks, that's sort of personal". Later, Eike disappered and wasn't seen again for weeks, though this fact went unnoticed by the other castle residents. When it was discovered that he was missing, a search party was formed consisting of Thomas, Cecile, Piccolo, Juan, and Sebastian. When he was discovered deep underground at his favorite reading spot, he asked if everyone had come down there to read. When he was told how long he had been gone and that they were looking for him, he apologized, stating he easily loses track of time down there as he could read to his heart's content and that children didn't go down there.

Later, he looked into the whole ordeal of their castle lying between Zexen and Grasslands on Caesar's command. Later, when Leo and Percival of the Zexen Knights arrived to escort Thomas back to Vinay del Zexay, he appeared behind Leo and told him to "Leave.....before things get ugly". Later, when everyone was preparing to defend the castle for the last time, he approached Ace, who was making a ruckus and told him to please keep it down since this was a library, to which Ace responded that it is weird that Eike has no aura. After Queen apologized, Eike stated it was alright and greeted Geddoe, which surprised Geddoe, as the two never met until now. In a flash, Ace and Queen attacked Eike, holding their weapons at his throat. When Geddoe asked if they've met before, Eike stated on how when he was searching for ways to better defend the castle, he discovered a picture of the day that the castle and its grounds surrounding it became common land. Geddoe was in the picture and that's how he knew. Ace and Queen removed their weapons and apologized, and again Eike stated it was alright, as it didn't bother him.


Role in the GameEdit

Eike joins automatically in Thomas Chapter 1.

  • Eike will take any old books any character has and allows you to read them.
  • Eike is a support character with the (C Ranked) Appraisal Ability.

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Appraisal C

Watching him act, one somehow feels irritated.

I hope your are well. Thank you for your consideration. I apologize for my presumption, but the reason why I am writing...

It's raining everyday, but I hpe you are well. The other day I ran out of paper. I'm sure you were puzzled. I am terribly sorry...

I hope you are well this wonderful season. I ran out of paper again, and I couldn't write you. Now, about this castle...

I noticed that I always run out of paper. This time I won't, and I'm sure I can make a suggestion. Now, about the allocation of people...

I'll get to the point. There seems to be a problem about the allocation of personnel at this castle, but after writing so many times I forgot what I wanted to say.

He's the Castle librarian. He has extremely strange looks and personality.

He sleeps with his eyes half-open.

He doesn't turn when he sleeps.

He talks in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist.

Eike's LibraryEdit

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