Current Owner: Yuber Past Owners: Unknown

One of the 27 True Runes, this Rune is held by the being Yuber. Besides its current owner, not much is known about this Rune, although it is possible that it gifts Yuber with some of his otherworldly abilities, such as summoning and teleportation.

The Eight Devil Rune, which grants Yuber's special attack involving himself and two duplicates attacking one target for massive damage, is a lower tier version of the Eightfold Rune.

Etymology Edit

Eightfold is likely a reference to the Buddhist teaching of the Noble Eightfold Path also knows as the "Middle Way" which teaches the proper conduct and thinking one must obtain in order to see the world for what it really is and thus help the person to reach enlightenment and achieve nirvana. While the True Runes nature is not well defined, it's derivative rune gives Yuber the power to make illusionary copies of himself. Likewise, Yuber himself appears to be a young man, but his words, actions, and powers hint to the notion that Yuber may not actually be human. Whether the name of this rune was meant to give players insight into Yuber's character or history is unknown.

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