Egbert Aethelbald

Egbert Aethelbald is the Chihei Star in Suikoden V.


Background Edit

Egbert is the descendant of the dominant noble family of Aethelbald. The Queen of Falena gave the ruling of Stormfist over to the Aethelbalds when the country's capital was moved to Sol-Falena, but the Aethelbald family fell into ruin after being politically crushed by the Godwins about a century ago (100 years ago before the Sun Rune War). From then on the Aethelbalds started to lives at the sewers of Stormfist.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Egbert is a polite and eccentric person who extremely hates the Godwins, when he started to talk about the Godwins there is a tendency where he started to speak a very long speech and call the Godwins "Filthy Devils", "Pestiferous" and more. After his long speech he can't even remember he said and he apologize for his behavior.

Story Edit

Game Edit

During the Sun Rune War, Egbert first met Freyjadour Falenas and his party when they went in the sewers of Stormfist. When the underground passageways in Stormfist are sealed Egbert went to Baska Mines where he met Freyjadour again. Egbert later join in the Loyalist Army and helped Freyjadour to fight the Godwins. After the war, he stays down in Stormfist's underground passage, apparently just for the sake of being eccentric.

Role in the GameEdit

After the defense of Raftfleet, talk to Egbert in the tunnels underneath Agate Prison. Do not skip any of his dialogues (Don't press any buttons until prompted. Let him rant.). You can exit the area and come back if you messed up.

Egbert comes with the Potch Finder ability that boosts the potch you receive after battle.

Egbert plays checkers at your castle.

Egbert is a three-star cavalry leader and gives his unit one use of the Charge ability.

  1. Egbert is the descendant of the Aethelbald family, who fell into ruin after being politically crushed by the Godwins about a century ago. So he claims, I think. He´s not the most coherent fellow around.
  2. After about a hundred years ago, all record of the Aethelbald family suddenly stops, and nobody knows what happened to their descendants after that. So Egbert´s either a crazy old man, or he´s a crazy, honest old man.
  3. Whenever Egbert sees Mr. Mouse, he licks his lips. I guess now we know how he managed to stay survive in that underground passage all this time... Ugh.

  • The Filthy Devil Letter

You have to send exact copies of this letter to twenty-seven people within twenty-seven days. If you don't, you'll be a 'filthy devil.' FILTHY DEVIL!

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