Dwarves' vault

The Dwarves' vault is a location in Suikoden. It is located to the north of the Village of the Dwarves.

Kwanda Rosman hired Kage to break into the vault, in order to retrieve the Burning Mirror blueprints. After the break-in, the Chief of the Dwarves commissioned Rock to rebuild the vault.


The Dwarves' vault is used to store and hide the powerful inventions created by the dwarves. As a secondary prevention, many of the plans are left in blueprint form only, so that only those with innate mastery of the dwarven technology may use it. It is said that buried at the very bottom of the safe is a weapon that is to be used at the very end of the world, but few if any believe this is true, thanks to the Dwarves' cultural tendency to overexaggerate their powers. Due to the sensitive nature of the weaponry hidden inside, the safe is well-armed with several traps and dwarven guards to prevent theft.

However, the dwarven safe's security has been compromised. In SY 455, one of the Six Great Generals of Toran, Kwanda Rosman, under the influence of the Black Rune, hired Kage to infiltrate the Dwarves' vault and retrieve the plan for a weapon known as the Burning Mirror, which functions by gathering "warmth" from the air and releasing it as a beam of destructive "light". Kage succeeded, and General Rosman used it against the Elves at Lukiae Ende Towayo, destroying the tree and killing the majority of the elven residents. After this break-in, the Chief of the Dwarves commissioned Rock to rebuild them a newer, higher security vault.