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S3 Dupa Portrait
"We pay our respect to those who deserve it. Otherwise, not."

Dupa is the Tenyu Star in Suikoden III.


Suikoden IIIEdit

Dupa, a respected warrior of the Lizard Clan, succeeded Zepon as Clan Chief following his assassination. His feather headpiece that he wears is made from game birds he killed in a hunting trial. Characteristic of most lizards, he is very aggressive, and is quick to battle with almost any foe.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically in Chapter 4.

Dupa is much like the Lizard Clan fighters in general: great physical strength, great defense, and good HP growth, but countered by having average speed and low scores in useful speed-based skills like Swing and Holy Dash. Despite this, it is still recommended to raise his Holy Dash to help offset his terrible speed. He has high marks in Accuracy, Damage, Armor, and his Unique Skill, Freeze. It's best not to bother giving him any magic-based skills, except maybe Magic Resist. While Dupa may not be good at killing enemies quickly, his defense will allow him to survive powerful blows and his high offense combined with his Fury Rune will make short work of any foe capable of surviving the onslaught by Dupa's faster party members.

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Swing B
Accuracy B+
Damage A
Repel B
Armor Protect B+
Holy Dash C

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Freeze B+

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Fire Magic B
Water Magic B
Wind Magic C
Earth Magic B+
Lightning Magic B
Magic Resistance B
Sword of Magic B+

Character Statistics
HP 729
LVL 1 -
LVL 2 -
LVL 3 -
LVL 4 -
LVL 99 EX 999
PWR 248 SKL 188
MGC 128 REP 188
PDF - MDF 168
SPD 188 LUC 189

Starting Equipment Recommended Equipment
Head Chief's Hat
Body Blessed Chain Mail
Power Gloves
Iron Boots
Skewered Chicken x4

Dupa can particapate in the Triangle Strike attack and the Clan Leader attack.

Weapon Growth
Name U Naha U Lana Naha U Alma Naha
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 8 23 37 52 66 81 95 121 135 149 162 176 190 218 234 250

  • Head - N/A
  • R. Hand - Fury Rune *Permanent
  • L. Hand - N/A

Dupa has a Fury Rune permenantly attached, and does not gain any more rune slots over the course of the game.

Human roles are not his specialty, but he does his best because he's a clan chief.

Our Lizard Clan will fight for our homes, the weak and the young. Don't waste our strength.

How are our cooperative attacks? Something, huh? Can you humans attack like us?

I asked Juan about tactics and found something interesting: I'm good at using armor.

That bath is good. You get warm up to the tip of your tail. Devil beads are the best!

Earlier, Jefferson gave me a post called 'healing captain,' but I don't know whether it's good or bad....

He is a Lizard clan warrior, and Chief Zepon's successor. He is organizing the clan.

You should see Lucia and Dupa's combination attacks!

He wears a feather headpiece which was made from game birds he took during a hunting trial. He is proud of his prize.

He likes Armadillion meat. His jaw is so strong that he even eats the scales.

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