Dunan Republic map

Map of the Dunan Republic

The Dunan Republic is a country located in the north-east central region of the Northern Continent. Its capital is Muse City, located north of Dunan Lake in the centre of the nation. Dunan borders Harmonia to the north, the Grasslands to the west, the Tinto Republic to the south-west and the Toran Republic to the south


Flag of Dunan

Flag of the Dunan Republic

460: Foundation
Prior to its foundation, the Dunan Republic was two nations, the City-States of Jowston forming the western areas, including Tinto City, and the Highland Kingdom, located on the eastern coast. Prior to this, the Highland Kingdom existed as a looming threat to the various city-states that had formed during the gradual break-up of the Dunan Kingdom.

War broke out between Highland and Jowston in 460 and ended later that year with the Highland Kingdom conquered by the remnants of the Jowston forces. With the infrastructure of both Jowston and Highland destroyed by the war, the Dunan Republic was founded by the victorious army to govern the region following the war.

As such the Dunan Republic is considered the successor state of both the City-States of Jowston and the Highland Kingdom, as well as the Dunan Kingdom.

461: Formal Elections
After its establishment in 460, the Dunan Republic, under Acting President Teresa Wisemail and with the aid of Chancellor and Chief Strategist, Shu, continued to lay the foundations for a new nation to govern the Dunan region. So, with this hard work complete it was in 461 that elections were held to appoint the first President of the Republic, an election eventually won by Teresa Wisemail herself, her hard work and steady leadership not going unnoticed by the populace. With the Dunan Republic in safe hands, Shu stepped down from his position, handing the reigns of Chief Strategist to Klaus Windamier, former Highland Kingdom and New State Army strategist.

Over the next decade, Dunan seems to have concentrated on cementing its position within the region, engaging in active trade with many surrounding nations to the north and south. For example, many Muse exports were sent to Harmonia for sale and the Matilda Knights bequeathed the Harmonian town of Caleria several of their horses in order to further facilitate trade. Active trade with the Grasslands, which the region had previous engaged in under the banner of the City-States of Jowston, also continued.

472: War With Harmonia
The first major test for the fledgling nation occurred in 472 when what is known as the Higheast Rebellion took place.

Southern Harmonian forces, working with Highland loyalists in the Higheast Province, led an invasion of the area in order to reclaim the land which had once belonged to Harmonia (over 200 years ago) and which they had in fact gifted to the first King of Highland, Maroux Blight. Harmonian troops entered the region as the Dunan Republican Army, assisted by several former Allied Army officers, engaged them within the region.

Former Chancellor Shu quickly rushed into action on behalf of the Republican Army, realising that the situation could become a protracted war unless dealt with swiftly. Shu devised a plan which stirred up internal conflict within the Harmonian government; with the prospect of internal discord now hanging over the heads of the Harmonian forces, the Dunan Army managed to push back the invaders, securing the province once again.

475: Political Stability
Following this, Dunan continued to peacefully administer its borders while keeping a close eye on situations in neighbouring countries, in particular the brief Zexen-Grasslands War of 475 that soon developed into the Second Fire Bringer War. It was suggested that there was a possibility of Dunan action during the war but it seems none was taken.

It can only be assumed that the Dunan Republic continues to successfully administer the Dunan region while continuing to prosper due to international trade.

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