Dunan Kingdom map

Dunan Kingdom

The Kingdom of Dunan, also known as the Dunan Monarchy, was a country located on the central-east coast of the Northern Continent. A feudal monarchy, the Dunan Kingdom shared land borders with Harmonia, Highland, the Grasslands and the Scarlet Moon Empire. Its capital was South Window City. It was succeeded by the City-States of Jowston and, later, the Dunan Republic.


110: Overview
The Kingdom of Dunan was founded in the year 110, after the regions of the Dunan region were united under King Bernand. Comprised of the modern day principalities of South Window, Muse, Matilda, Greenhill and Two River, the Dunan Kingdom's capital was South Window City.

185-212: Beginning of the fall
Weak leadership afflicted the nation soon after Bernand's demise. In 185, Muse, under the leadership of Revier, broke away from the Kingdom, taking over half of it's land with it. This was followed by the succession of Two River 27 years later in 212, reducing the Kingdom to just the modern principality of South Window along with modern-day east Muse.

237-252: Rise of Highland
The year 237 saw the Highland Kingdom established following the events of the Harmonian Civil War. The sudden formation of a hostile, territorial power on Dunan's eastern border further accelerated its decline.

Eventually, in 252, the people of South Window rebelled, tired of their incompetent and weak leadership and overthrew the government, establishing self-rule with an elected mayor. The Highland Kingdom then invaded eastern South Window (present-day eastern Muse) during this confusion. Muse eventually won the land then known as eastern South Window, but the Kingdom of Dunan itself was at an end after 142 years of rule.

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