Gaien map

Map of Gaien


Gaien, officially the Dukedom of Gaien (ガイエン公国 Gaien Duchy), is the largest island in the Kuknasi Sea. The island nation located on the western fringes of the Island Nations Federation and to the east of the Western Continent as well as to the north-west of the Falena Queendom in the Kuknasi Sea. Moreover, as the name implies the country is governed by a noble official who holds the the rank of Duke.


Flag of Gaien

Flag of Gaien

295: War with Kooluk
Gaien's history in the 200s is highlighted by a series of conflicts and naval battles with the mainland Kooluk Empire to the northeast, with the interlaying Kuknasi Sea as the stage.

In the year 295, a decisive naval battle was fought between these regional superpowers which resulted in complete victory for Kooluk at their El-Eal Fortress; this defeat would ultimately result in Middleport's independence from Gaien.

Gaien interest in their remaining eastern territory, Razril, waned in the years following the war, supposedly due to several years of poor crop production and depletion of the island's iron reserves.

302-307: Island Liberation War
The Island Liberation War (302-307) saw Kooluk forces occupy Razril as part of its Southern Expansion Policy, without any resistance from the local chapter of the Knights of Gaien or from the main island of Gaien itself. Following the conclusion of the war, Razril decided to follow Middleport and sever its ties with the Dukedom, and the government of Gaien took no action to prevent it.

The utter lack of Gaien interest in the area following the year 298 would suggest that conflicts between the Dukedom and the newly formed Island Nations Federation would be far and few between.

449: Political Standing
As of 449, the Dukedom of Gaien was still in existence, having sent an envoy to the Queendom of Falena to pay its respects upon the coronation of Queen Lymsleia Falenas. ..


A ducal monarchy, Gaien has a royal family, and a king. However, the Gaien monarchy has very little influence and virtually no political power. All political power rests in the hands of the nobility, hence the honorific of dukedom being granted to the nation, rather than "kingdom", or other such monarchical honorific.

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