Duel Troy

Lazlo clashing swords with Troy on a duel, in Suikoden IV

A Duel is a type of combat system alongside the Turn-Based Battles and Army Battles and is a mainstay in the Suikoden Series. Duels are about one-on-one battles between two characters, more often (but not limited to) with one of them being the protagonist. The mechanics of the Duel remains very similar through the entire series and follow a rock, paper and scissors mechanic.

Attack > Defense > Special > Attack.

In early games, the "Special" command is called "Deathblow". No magic runes or items can be used in a Duel, although runes that grant passive bonus or downgrades, like the Fury Rune or the Hunter Rune, will still be in effect.

The strategy revolves around the player trying to guess the opponent next move based on their dialog (and on later games with voice acting, the tone of their voice) before they take the next action. If the opponent sounds cautious, it's more likely that they will use the Defense option, for example.

As the series progress, the duels got more and more cinematography, with different animations for every combat.

Suikoden Edit

S1 Tir Portrait

Tir McDohl Duels Edit

Duel with Kwanda Rosman
S1 Kwanda Portrait
Quote: "For the Empire! And for His Majesty the Emperor! I won't let you proceed!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•At a loss, are you? But I'll show you no mercy!
•Damn! I underestimated you.
•Ha ha! You'll have to do better than that!
•Heh, now it's my turn.
•Taste the sharpness of my blade!
•That's nothing!
•What's the matter? If you don't attack, I will!
•Well done. But can you take this?
•Whoa! Pretty good, Teo's little boy. Now it's my turn!
•You're better than I thought. But how about this?
•Arghhh! I underestimated you.
•Cautious, aren't you. Just like a leader.
•Damn! My turn!
•Don't bore me. Show me what you can do.
•Forget it. You're methods are obvious.
•Now it's your turn. Come on!
•Pretty good. How about another one?
•What now?
•Can you break my invulnerable defenses?
•Here we go again!
•I'll get you!
•I'll show you how it's done.
•Impossible! You can't avoid my blows!
•Interesting. How about another round?
•Take that!
•The next one won't be so easy!
•Victory is near! I strike with all my might!
•We're getting nowhere. Here I come!
•Well done. You're a worthy opponent. Now it's my turn!

Duel with Teo McDohl
S1 Teo Portrait
  • If Pahn's duel with Teo was a loss, he will keep his HP into this duel. Otherwise, it will be full.
Quote: "I never thought I'd see this day. But I'm fighting for the Empire, and you are fighting for the Liberation Army."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Did you see that coming?
•Do you see how much better I am?
•Is defending yourself all you can do?
•You'll never win that way.
•That was nothing. Now it's my turn.
•That was pretty good. Now it's my turn.
•The numbness in my hands, it's real!
•We're getting nowhere.
•Here I come!
•Well done!
•You're soft...soft!
•This is how you attack!
•Here I come, my son.
•Come on! Show me what a man you've become.
•Good, try it again!
•I mustn't underestimate you.
•I underestimated you! What's wrong?
•Another round?
•I'll see you coming next time!
•I'm losing my cool.
•I must be more cautious!
•Is that all you've got?
•Leader of the Liberation Army! No wonder you're careful.
•Show me what you've learned.
•Well done! I must be more careful too.
•Are you trying to surpass me?
•Can you avoid my sword?
•I'm delighted, my son. You're quite a warrior. But here's another!
•If you don't attack, I will!
•My deadly sword...
•My sword is the Emperor's sword. I'll show no mercy!
•Now that I've seen what you've got, I'll show you what I can do.
•That's... no good.
•The next one will be more painful.
•Hmmm. Here I come again!

S1 Pahn Portrait

Pahn Duel Edit

Duel with Teo McDohl
S1 Teo Portrait
  • Level 30 for Pahn is highly recomended.
  • Losing this duel doesn't result in a Game Over, but Pahn gets executed, forbidding you from getting the best ending.

Quote: "I'll show no mercy, Pahn. Here I come!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Did you see me coming?
•Do you see how we're mismatched?
•Get serious, Pahn. This is how it's done.
•Is that all you've got? Now it's my turn!
•My sword's not rusty yet.
•Pretty good, Pahn.
•That was a good one, Pahn. Now it's my turn.
•The numbness in my hands, it's real.
•We're getting nowhere. Here I come!
•All you can do is defend, Pahn? No mercy!
•All right, do it again!
•Come on, Pahn. See if you can kill me.
•Do you give up?
•I'll see that coming next time!
•I'm losing my cool. Better be careful.
•Good work, Pahn. I'll have to be more careful.
•Strike me, Pahn!
•What's the matter, Pahn? How about another round?
•You're a smart one, Pahn.
•You're better than I thought.
•Can you dodge my blade, Pahn?
•Excellent, Pahn. You're a real fighter. Here's another!
•Finish me with a single blow!
•Hmmm. Here I come again!
•If you don't attack, I will!
•Impossible! Take that!
•My killer blade...
•That's... no good.
•Now that I've seen what you've got, I'll show you what I can do.
•The next one will be more painful.

Suikoden II Edit


Riou Duels Edit

Duel with Flik
  • When Flik's HP drops down to 80%, the battle will automatically end.

Quote: "It's been a long time, hope I don't hurt you......"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Okay, let's see what you've got.
•That's the spirit!
•Nice try. I'll go next.
•Oops, I might have put too much into that one.
•That's how to attack. Got it?
•This is just a waste of time.
•Yes, good. What'll you do next?
•Whoa, nice stroke. That's the way.
•Hey, be careful how you swing that thing!
•Whoa. Better be careful. Someone's gonna get hurt.
•C'mon take a swing at me.
•Want to try that again?
•One more time. Don't mess up.
•Better be more careful. You'll get yourself hurt.
•That's how to attack. Try it yourself.
•In combat, caution is the best weapon.
•Okay, it's your turn. Let's see what you've got.
•Don't get too confident or you'll get yourself killed.
•Hey, wanna try that again?
•Hey, that was a surprise.
•Here goes! Hope you can handle this!!!
•Now it's my turn. Don't faint on me.
•Here it comes. Better get out of the way.
•I'm going again. Don't mess up this time.
•The next one's going to hurt.
•One of us is going to have to finish this.
•You dodged my sword, the kid gloves are coming off...
•Okay, maybe I should show you what I've really got.
•This is how to you deliver a deadly attack.....
•Ha ha ha! You're something else. Wanna try that again?

Duel with Amada
  • Amada has to be fought twice over the course of the game. The first to progress through the story and the second to recruit him.
Quote: "He he, think ya can beat me?"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Okay, first a little test...
•Ouch! Pretty good!
•Ouch! I felt that one!
•Ouch! That musta hurt! Sorry about that.
•Hey, you're not gonna win that way y'know.
•Thinking the same thing, eh. C'mon let's go.
•ARGH!!!!..... Nice shot..... But it ain't over yet!!!!!
•Ouch!!! I definitely felt that one!!!
•Ha ha ha ha! Too bad, boy!!! Now it's my turn!!!
•YOWCH!!!!! Nice one! My hand's all numb!
•He he, first show me what you've got, boy.
•He he, doesn't work so well the 2nd time, eh.
•I won't fall for that one again!
•He he, I guess I'd better hold back a little.
•C'mon. It's your turn now.
•Got to keep your head cool when you're in a fight, y'know.
•Dammit!!! I might lose this one!!!
•Damn! Dammit!!! Gotta think!!!!!
•Ha ha! Wanna try that again?
•Woa!!! That was scary!!!!!
•Okay, boy, here I go!
•I'm just about ready to take the kid gloves off.
•Okay, it's my turn next!
•Better get ready. Here I go again.
•If ya liked that, I'll give ya some more.
•That won't get us anywhere! Try this one on fer size!!!!!
•Argh! I'll get ya next time!!!
•Way to go, kid!!! But I won't lose that easy!
•He he, I'll show ya how to attack!
•That was fun!!! Let's go again!!!

Duel with Luca Blight
  • Luca is an extremely hard opponent to read, since his quotes hardly hint what his next move will be. The safest strategy if you are unsure of what he will do next is to use the Attack option.
  • Luca starts the duel with just 25% of his HP.

Quote: "A puny insect like you... What are you going to do!!!!!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Hah hah hah hah!!! Die! Die!!! Die!!!!
•Hah...... A draw..........
•Hahaha!!! Yes! I'll disgrace your head under the sun!!!
•I'll get you!! You insect!!!!!!
•Idiot!!!! Is that the best you can do!!!!
•Pretty tricky!!!! You punk!!!!!
•That's nothing!
•That's right!!!!! Battle!!!! I just love a good fight!!!!!!!!!
•You impertinent little pig!!!!!
•You little punk!!!!
•Fool!!!! That can't stop me!!!!!!
•Hah...hah hah hah... Fighting is my life.....
•I won't let an insect like you get in my way!!!
•Kill!!! I'll kill you!!!!!!
•Pathetic!!!! That's what you call power!!!!
•Ridiculous!!! You think a punk like you can stop me!!!!!
•You fool!!!!!!
•You little punk.....
•You're nothing!!! Nothing! Nothing!! Nothing!!!!!
•Feel my strength!!! Feel my sword!!!!!!!
•Hah hah hah hah hah!!!!!!!!!!
•Hah........ Are we still doing this....
•I love it! I love it! Riou!!!!! Hah hah hah hah !!!!!
•I won't be be defeated by a mere blade!!!!!!
•Insect!!!! You really thought you could defeat me!!!!!!
•Pig!! Pig!!! Pig!!!! Pig!!!!! Piiiiiiiiiiig!!!!!!!!
•Pig!!!! Die!!!!!!!!!
•Pig!!!!! You dare wound me!!!!!
•You can't take it forever!!! A pathetic insect like you!!!

Duel with Han Cunningham
Quote: "I will defend the Royal City to my last breath....."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•And now it's my turn.
•Foolish boy!!!
•Ho ho ho.... You taught him well, Genkaku my friend....
•I can't let you past here, son.
•I may be old, but I haven't lost my sword arm.
•Unf..... Your father would have been proud to see you today...
•Very good, boy.
•You can't defend yourself forever.
•You can't win like that, boy.
•You're a tough one....
•Genkaku............. You raised a good son....
•I should have avoided that cheap little shot...
•Let me see your power, Genkaku's son!!!
•The leader of the New State Army is cautious I see....
•Try that again, boy.
• like to take risks, eh.
•Well struck.... It seems I should be more careful....
•What will you do now, boy?
•What's wrong? Want to try again?
•You think you can beat me, boy?
•Can you take this?
•Let's bury our past here, boy!!
•Let's see if you can withstand another of my blows!
•Now feel my deadly sword.
•Watch and learn, boy. Here's how to wield a sword!!!
•Watch closely, boy!!
•Yes, but can you defend against my sword!!!
•You think my sword has lost it's bite!!!
•You'll have to do better than that.
•You've got spirit...

Duel with Jowy Atreides

• This duel have the possibility to determine the game's ending. You can choose to defeat Jowy, or only use the Defend command for different outcomes.
• On the first duel, the battle will automatically end after a few turns if Jowy wasn't been defeated yet.
• On the second duel, the battle will automatically end when Riou life reach less than 20%.

Quote: "Here goes, Riou......."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Bad move...... Riou.... That'll get you hurt....
•Here goes.... Riou........
•Just like the old days....
•Let's finish this long, long battle....
•Next it's my turn. Riou.........
•That's right. That's the way.....
•Why won't you fight, Riou!!!
•That's right.....
•Riou...... You......
•Let's test your strength.... Riou.......
•That's right...... Riou.........
•This reminds me of the old days....
•Try again! Riou.......
•You're the leader of the New State Army, Riou........

Suikoden III Edit

Suikoden III introduces a new mechanic to the Duels with a "Struggle Bar" on the bottom of the screen. The more a side is successful in their choices, the more the Struggle Bar weight on their favor. If the Struggle Bar is high, the character can get away from losing HP when committing mistakes. If the Struggle Bar is low, correct choices will have little impact on the opponent HP, and only will go towards increasing the Struggle Bar.

SIII Hugo Portrait

Hugo Duels Edit

Duel with Chris Lightfellow
S3 Chris Portrait
  • This duel is optional.
  • The duel will automatically end after 3 turns.

Quote: "......"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•I do not wish to continue this fight.
•I'm telling you, give up now. After this I can't promise...
•Let's put an end to this. Otherwise...
•Please stop. I don't see the meaning of this.
•Put away your weapon.
•Stop immediately. Or else....
•This kind of duel will not settle anything.
•I do not wish to continue this fight.
•I don't want to fight you.
•My heart is not in this battle.
•Sorry to disappoint, but I have no interest in continuing.
•Stop this. I do not want to continue.
•That was courageous.
•That's futile.
•I warn you, I can't promise your safety beyond this point.
•I'm warning you. Sheath your blade.
•I'm warning you. Sheath your blade and step away.
•I'm warning you. Sheath your blade and step back.
•Stop. Beyond this there is only injury.
•This has no purpose. Stop at once.

Duel with Sasarai
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.

Quote: "Time to see the skills of the 'champion.'"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•I'll go easy at first. Are you ready?
•Not bad. I'll take another shot.
•Your skills still need honing. Watch and learn.
•That's wise of you. Keep defending. I'll put you down for a long nap.
•That was fine work. I'll stop holding back as well.
•You're really giving it your all. Maybe I should try harder, too.
•Have you learned? You are far too meek to be a champion.
•You've got some talent. But I've also got a few tricks.
•You haven't perfected that yet? How would you judge this?
•Our strategies are similar. Let's see what you make of my next attack.
•I'll stand still. Attack with all your might!
•Very well, then. Come at me again!
•What's wrong, Flame Champion? It's time to attack.
•You're far too submissive. Try a little aggression.
•Maybe I'm trying too hard...
•Why don't you show me what you're really made of.
•Playing it safe, eh? Go on. I'll take what you deliver.
•Not bad. Try it again.
•Is that all? I thought you had more in you.
•A passive champion at best. Come on now, have at me!
•I won't hold back. Defend yourself!
•No more holding back. Here it comes!
•You carry the name of Flame Champion? I will prove your unworthiness....
•You're a quiet one. Can you withstand this?
•You might have skill after all. But what will you do with this?
•Commendable. But have you ever seen this?
•My little Flame Champion, your game stops here.
•If you won't let down your guard, then I'll take it down.
•You're far too predictable. And now... I strike.
•I don't care to do this all day. Let's finish it.

Duel with Yuber
  • This duel is impossible to win. Yuber will counter any of your choices with the correct opposite choice.
  • Yuber has infinite HP in this Duel.

Quote: "Make this worth my time."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Let's begin with a short greeting.
•I can barely detect your effort. This is an attack.
•The outcome is already obvious. Here I come again.
•So you're not worthy after all. Wretched coward!
•Cocky child!
•Quick as a bee, aren't you? See how you like this.
•Don't congratulate yourself yet. We've only begun!
•Let me take a swing.
•This'll teach you about fighting.
•I gave you your chances. Now you'll writher in pain.
•Still frightened, little one? Shake it off, and attack.
•You're as predictable as the sun. Land your shot!
•Hmph. That shows promise. One more time. Come on!
•Your turn. Show me what you're made of.
•Not bad, I suppose. Try it once more.
•Ha! Not bad. Try it again!
•You cannot win with just defense. Attack me!
•Take your best shot. And try to make it interesting for me.
•Very nice. I'll defend. Do your worst again.
•Come on, attack me!
•I'll only use twenty percent of my strength.
•Prepare yourself.
•Don't bore me. Here's how it's done.
•Your weakness astounds me. Must I cut you up right now?
•Useless coward! Meet your maker!
•So you're playing for keeps? Well then, so am I.
•Nimble rodent. Now I'll silence you.
•I'll slice you to pieces!
•You shouldn't give me that much space. No matter.... This is the end!!!
•Here's what happens to children who dare challenge me!
•The games must cease. Here's your end.

SIII Chris Portrait2

Chris Lightfellow Duels Edit

Duel with Lucia
  • This duel is optional.
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.

Quote: "I will settle the score here."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Let's see what the White Maiden can withstand.
•It's been an even match. Until now.
•Ha! There's no need for discretion here, White Maiden.
•A little too meek to stop me.
•I will triumph over you!
•We're even now. But not for long.
•Saucy knight!
•If that is how you wish to battle...
•Have you prepared yourself?
•Such a lack of passion. I'll spice this up.
•I'll withstand your worst.
•So you are serious after all. But how serious?
•Show me your skills are as sharp as your tongue.
•Where's the sport in this? It's not a battle if you don't fight.
•I suppose you're good enough to be called 'White Maiden.'
•You have some strength after all. Allow me to see it in action.
•A battle of resistance...
•Without caution, attack is useless!
•Hmm. Too tired to give me your best?
•That won't help us decide who wins.
•By the power of Karaya...
•Power of the Earth Spirits!
•I shall finish this now. Earth Spirits, give me strength!
•Ah, just like a little girl. What about this?
•Earth Spirits... Empower me!
•We can't hack away all day. I'll have to bring this to an end.
•Very well, stay like that!
•My Karaya brethren, lend me your strength!
•Let's make this the final blow.
•That wasn't very exciting. Try this!

Duel with Jimba
Jimba Portrait03
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.

Quote: "Shall we begin?"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•See how you like this.
•You're quite skilled. How about this?
•What's wrong? Feeling tired?
•You're playing it safe. That's fine with me.
•AAARRR! You're no princess. I'll actually have to fight!
•This one will not miss.
•Strong enough. Let's see how you handle this.
•Good work. Now it's my turn.
•Now it's time for me to strike.
•We'll lose our audience if we carry on like this. .
•Go on, take a swing at me!
•Damn! I better take a breather.
•What's wrong, dear lady? Come on now, have at me.
•Now it's your turn.
•Phew! I'll take a moment to recover.
•Perhaps I should have thought this through...
•I've never had to play it this safe before.
•Quite solid, but is it luck or skill?
•Well, well.... Having trouble? Maybe next time.
•Is this a staring match or a battle?
•I hope this isn't too much for you.
•This is no time to play. Ready to get serious?
•This next one might be the last.
•Let's do this my way.
•See if you can keep your composure after this!
•You're a formidable opponent. This should change that.
•This has carried on long enough. I'll finish it quickly.
•You're a tough one, my dear. But this is not child's play.
•Sorry, but I've been doing this a lot longer than you have.
•Milady, I will not hold back.

SIII Geddoe Portrait

Geddoe Duel Edit

Duel with Duke
Quote: "I've been waiting for this, Geddoe."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Here we go!
•Now this is a fight! Here it comes again!
•What's wrong, Geddoe? You wanted the real thing, right?
•Come on now, are you really that meek?
•I'll return that!
•But will you be as lucky next time?
•Well, well. Aren't you cunning?
•Not bad at all. I'll go full speed as well.
•Don't get too tired. Take a rest and I'll finish this quickly!
•Don't put me to sleep, Geddoe.
•All right then, let's see what you've got.
•That luck will run out!
•So what do you want to do? Come on, I'll give you a chance.
•Don't just stand there! Attack!
•Maybe I underestimated you. I'll be careful.
•You've gotten quick.
•The next attack is yours. Come on!
•Hardly felt a thing. Try a little harder.
•Nice try. I'll take it as many times as you can bring it.
•How long do I have to wait!
•No quarter given!
•Better than I thought, Geddoe. Now take this.
•Is that all it took? This should finish it.
•If that's your game, I've got a little gift for you.
•Grrr.... Not bad. Now try this!
•That was disgraceful. Now observe my recovery!
•Hold still!
•You seem to enjoy this. But you won't care for this next part....
•Nice effort. Here's how it's done!
•Looking me in the eye won't get you sympathy!

SIII Luc Portrait

Luc Duel Edit

Duel with Sasarai
Quote: "I'm waiting."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Here I go.
•So you intend to win. But can you handle this...
•No time to waste.
•You make a nice target.
•Don't let it go to your head.
•I don't intend to let this continue.
•Can you keep that up?
•Now it's my turn.
•Is that it?
•And now for my offensive.
•Something seems odd. Is this really the best you can do?
•Such dogged caution.
•I had better consider my options...
•Maybe I'll take a closer look...
•It seems we're both cautious.
•See how this feels.
•Bring your worst.
•Hit me with everything you've got. I'm ready.
•Away with you!
•I intend to keep this short.
•I'll kill you!
•But can you handle this...
•Luck seems to be with you, but let's find out how much.
•Away with you, forever!
•See if you can figure this out.
•Here's where I return the favor.
•I've analyzed this enough.
•Rather heavy on defense. Try defending this!


Melville Duel Edit

Duel with Guillaume
  • This duel is impossible to win.
  • Guillaume has infinite HP in this Duel.

Quote: "I suppose I'll finish this in no time at all..."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Let's start with this...
•What'll it be now?
•Hmm. You seem to be serious.
•Ho, ho, are you really that bad!?
•You can give me those looks all you want, but it will not change the outcome.
•Days like this...
•So valiant....
•I'll show you my deathblow attack.
•I better move cautiously...
•I'll punish you!
•Let's start with this...
•What'll it be now?
•If this would just work...
•Ah, looks like I tried too hard for you. Sorry....
•I won't go down that easily!
•Let's cut to the chase.
•I'll punish you!
•I'll show you my deathblow attack.
•You're a tough little one...
•Tsk, tsk. Such weak-hearted behavior...
•Let's start with this...
•What'll it be now?
•Well, well! A little conceited, aren't we now?
•Oh dear--pity for you, we're just not the same level.
•My word! You are agile!
•I better be careful...
•I'll show you my deathblow attack.
•I better move cautiously...
•What shall I try next?


Watari Duel Edit

Duel with Ayame
  • If Watari loses this Duel, he can return later for a rematch.

Quote: "............"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Let me show you how pleased I am to see you again.
•Here we go....
•What? Is that it?
•If you only defend....
•Don't feel too good about that.
•Are you still trying?
•When are you going to stand up and fight?
•Now I'll get you back.
•You're so predictable.
•Enough messing around!
•It's been a while. Let's see if you've improved.
•At least you don't fight worse than before.
•I wouldn't hold still like that.
•I believe this is how to properly defend oneself.
•That was good, but probably the best you can do.
•This is taking too long.
•Sorry, no effect.
•Are you getting enough to eat? You're not very effective.
•So, we think alike after all.
•This will let you know how glad I am to see you again.
•I'll help you remember your past.
•Booooring. I'll spice things up.
•I'll slice you out of your misery.
•Now it's getting interesting.
•Stop squirming for a moment.
•As always, you're quick to stand back from a challenge. See if you can do that again.
•You shouldn't feel too proud of yourself just yet.
•And now, the finishing stroke.
•Goodnight, Watari.

Character of Choice Duels Edit

These next set of duels can be played with either Hugo, Chris or Geddoe, depending on which chapter you are or which one you choose to be your Flame Champion.

Duel with Edge
  • If you lose this duel, you can ask for a rematch.

Quote: "Go easy on me."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•I suppose I could go easy on you.
•You're better than I thought. Again!
•There's no time to rest now.
•You won't win by just defending.
•You're no slouch, eh?
•Think that'll happen again?
•What's this? All defense?
•Don't get cocky.
•Now I know what you're up to.
•Don't chicken out on me.
•Come on and take a shot!
•Might as well play it safe.
•Come on, try to enjoy this at least a little!
•Nice work.
•Why don't you show me what you've got.
•Let's think this through...
•I'm not myself today.
•Don't get shaken...
•Settle down, settle down...
•I see we're both cautious.
•I'll end this right away.
•Nice work. Now how about this?
•This should finish it.
•Try defending against this!
•Time to get serious.
•Give me everything you've got.
•Stand still!
•I'll pay you back double.
•This might just finish it...
•Let's make this interesting.

Duel with Guillaume
Quote: "Ho ho ho. I don't look kindly upon pests who interfere."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Ho ho ho! Your life is mine!
•Ouch! You'll pay for that!
•Ho ho ho! I am simply too strong!
•Snap out of it. There's no turning back now.
•I warned you I don't like those who interfere!
•Are you imitating my missus? This won't last long!
•Don't expect me to spare you!
•You've made your uncle very angry!
•All this staring at each other. Like a prelude to marriage. But I suppose I don't mind...
•Ho ho ho. Did you think I would only defend?
•Ooouuuuch! I better stop to catch my breath!
•Ho ho ho. I am truly at my best today.
•Hmmph. Your turn.
•Careful, careful, careful...
•Remember... caution.
•I'll take a page from your book!
•Ouch! The pain!
•Ho ho ho. You're right where I want you.
•Ahhhh. This is really quite comfortable...
•Deathblow attack!!! Furious flame!!!
•Deathblow attack!!! The most furious of flames!!!
•Deathblow attack!!! Ominous oceans!!!
•Deathblow attack!!! Hellish heat!!!
•Never! Deathblow attack!!! Ominous oceans!!!

Suikoden IV Edit

In Suikoden IV, on each Duel, the player can use a command at "Full Power" once per duel, which doubles its power. Suikoden IV also introduces voice acting to the duels, which is another tool to determine the opponent's next move based on the tone of their voice. There is also considerably few sentences compared to the rest of the series, making the duels of this game easier to gain the upper hand.

SIV Lazlo En Kuldes Portrait2

Lazlo En Kuldes Duels Edit

Duel with Glen Cott
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.

Quote: "All right, I'll go easy at first... But if things get heated, I'll go all out, so prepare yourself!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Now it's my turn!
•Are you ready for me?
•Pay close attention to my swordsmanship.
•Let's see you make a move.
•Let's see how well you can wield that sword.
•Charge at me and don't hold anything back.
•First, I will strike you with all my might!
•My next move will settle this, once and for all!
•Prepare to get beaten to a pulp.

Duel with Brandeau
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.

Quote: "This marks the end for you, too..."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•I guess I can play a little.
•Don't get cocky, boy!
•Victory is mine....
•Your attacks are futile...Don't you realize that?
•Hah, child's play! Allow me to humor you.
•I will settle this...
•I'll kill you!

Duel with Mitsuba
  • If you lose this duel, you can ask for a rematch.

Quote: "I'm gonna come at you with everything I've got, right from the start! Now, let's see what you've got!!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Hahaha, not yet, not yet!
•I'm going to slash you, and it's gonna hurt!
•Then, shall we have a little match?
•Come and get me!
•Whew, I'll see how it goes for a bit.
•First, let's see how good you are.
•Okay, I'll finish it in the next move!
•You're dead!!!

Duel with Lino En Kuldes
  • Lino's attack power and defense power is influenced by his level, his equipment, and the runes he has equipped on him before the duel. His weapon level is also taken in consideration.

Quote: "Okay, first, we'll see how things go... After we get warmed up, I'm going all out, so keep your eyes open!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•All right, let's get right down to it.
•Maybe a little nudge to wake you up?
•It's my turn next.
•Come on! Let's see what you've got.
•I think I'll save my energy a little.
•Guess I'll start getting serious now...
•Well, I guess I'll scare you a bit!
•Hehe...Better be prepared for the next move...

Duel with Troy
Quote: "You... Cannot see my intentions..."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
• I go.
•Yield to my sword...
•Here I go.
•Come on! Let's see what you have got.
•Prepare yourself.
•I'll settle this with the next move.
•Sorry...but I will take your life with one more move.

Suikoden V Edit

In Suikoden V, the new addtion to the duel system is that now the player only has 3 seconds to input the next move. If the player takes longer to choose a move, the next move will be chosen at random. Also, instead of menus, the player choose his/her next comand pressing on the Playstation 2 controller; Square to Attack, X for Defense, and Circle for Special. Some enemies now can also perform a "Super Special", which is just a Special Attack with more power.

SV Freyjadour Portrait

Freyjadour Falenas Duels Edit

Duel with Shoon
S5 Shoon Portrait
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.
  • If you lose this battle, you get more options for getting extra Affection Points with Lymsleia and Lyon.

Quote: "Good luck, Prince!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Can't let the ceremonial match drag. Here I come!
•Here I come!!
•I can't let you keep getting the best of me!!
•I'm just going to keep coming at you!!
•Ngh...No way! You haven't gotten the best of me yet!!
•Not good enough, eh?! Here I come again, then!!.
•Go ahead and come at me!
•I dare you to hit me with that move again!
•So whoever moves first loses, huh...?
•That was a real princely move! I won't last if I get hit like that again.
•Very nice! I guess I'll have to be more careful...
•You come at me, too, Prince!
•*pant* *pant* I can't believe you turned my best move back on me...
•Here comes another one!! And this time, I'll do it right!!
•I'm going to give it all I've got!! Make sure you're ready for me!!
•I'm coming at you again!! Make sure you're ready this time!!
•Now it's my turn!! I'll show you what my full power's like!!
•This ought to finish you off. Don't hold it against me, though, okay?!

Duel with Chuck
S5 Chuck Portrait
  • If you lose this duel, you can ask for a rematch.

Quote: "Prince! There's no way I'm gonna lose you know!!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•I'm really gonna pound you, so get ready!
•If you won't come at me, I'll go after you!!
•That was nothing!! But you're really gonna get it now!!
•I don't like picking on the weak.
•I-I need a little break here...
•Not bad, P-Prince...not bad at all...
•To tell you the truth, I don't really want to fight you...
•Well, c'mon, then!
•You still at it? You don't know when to quit, do you?
•No way!! You haven't seen the last of my strength yet!!
•This one's for the young lady!!
•This ought to be enough to make you give up!!

Duel with Lorelai
SV Lorelai Portrait03
  • If you lose this duel, you can ask for a rematch.

Quote: "C'mon, show me what kind of man you are!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•A draw, huh...? But that's not all I've got!!
•Hey, you'll pay for that! Here comes another one!!
•Hmmm, I guess I'll just warm up a little first!
•I'm still fine!! I can still fight!!
•Is that all it takes?! I'll do it again then!!
•We're just wasting time here. I'm comin' at you!
•You're still standing?! I'll hit you with another one, then!!
•Damn! I guess sheer force alone won't get me anywhere...
•Hey, aren't you a little too far away? Come at me!
•Hmph. Don't tell me you've had enough already?
•I can see right through your moves now!
•So you handled my best move, huh...? Guess I underestimated you...
•Unh...You're stronger than I thought...
•What are you doing? I'm not letting you by until you defeat me, you know!
•What did you do, give up? You gotta come at me, too!
•You pitiful man!
•You underestimate me. When are you really gonna get serious?
•And now to finish you off!! Take this!!
•Don't let that swell your head!! I'm only just getting started!!
•I guess I'll just settle this thing right here and now!!
•Not bad. But wait till you feel this!!
•One more time! Think you can take it this time?!
•This next one'll finish you off!!
•What do you think, you have to hold back or something?!
•Don't insult me!!

Duel with Nikea
SV Nikea Portrait02
  • This duel is optional.
  • You don't necessary need to win this Duel to make Nikea join you. She will join you regardless the outcome.
  • Nikea likes to use Special Attacks.

Quote: "Oh, yeah! I'm all fired up now!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Hey, it's not like you to guard!
•Hey, not bad! Here comes another one!!
•I'm telling you, that won't work on me. Now you'll get the same back!!
•Let's hurry this up before I get hungry!
•Okay, here I go!
•Okay, look alive!! I'm gonna keep 'em coming!!
•Speciaaal mooove!! ...Ouch, owie, ow! Sorry. Looks like I can't do one.
•Guard, eh? That wasn't very courageous of you.
•Hey, not bad! I guess I'd better keep my eyes open!
•Huh?! That's not the best you can do, is it?!
•I'm telling you, that won't work on me. Give me something with more oomph!!
•Okay, come at me!
•Ouch... You did quite a number on me...
•Speciaaal mooove!! ...Wait a minute. Are you okay?
•Speciaaal mooove!! ...Nah, changed my mind.
•I'll start off with a special move right away!! Kabaluf Landslide!!
•Speciaaal mooove!! Demba Avalanche!!
•Speciaaal mooove!! Kabaluf Landslide!!

Duel with Roy
SV Roy Portrait02
  • Losing this duel leads to a Bad Ending.

Quote: "I'll teach you what it's like out in the real world!!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•And now for the feint...This'll do you in for sure! Take this!!
•C'mon, what's the matter? I'm nowhere near done yet!!
•Damn it!! Just try that again!!
•Damn you, that really hurt!!
•Is that the best you can do?! Well, guess it's my turn now!!
•It's no fun if we both use nothing but big moves!
•Tsk. It's like looking at my own face. You make me sick!
•Well, I'm not gonna hit you with my best moves right away, now, am I?!
•D-damn you... You really got me...
•Hmph. If this ends things, how boring will that be?
•Hmph. Think that'd hurt me? Come at me like you mean it!!
•I'll be able to handle it next time!!
•Okay, here comes another one!!...Nah, changed my mind.
•Tsk tsk tsk! What a loser!
•What are you waiting for? Come at me!
•What is this, an endurance contest? Hmph. Fine with me.
•Ah ha ha ha! Here, have another one!!
•All right, this one is gonna put you out of your misery!!
•Grrrrr!! You really piss me off, you know that?!
•Hmmm. Maybe I'll hit you with my best moves right away!!
•How'd you like that? I'm gonna make you dance!
•Hmph. How 'bout if I really get serious?!
•Hmph. Think that'd hurt me? You gotta do something more like this!!
•I don't feel like having some kind of endurance contest with you!!
•Let's hit each other with our best moves!!
•Y-you got me... I gotta take a break...Ha ha ha! Did you really believe me?!
Super Move
•All right, this one is gonna put you out of your misery!!

Duel with Miakis
SV Miakis Portrait03

Quote: "You're taking on a Queen's Knight. There's no need to hold back against me."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•All right, no time to recover!
•Come on, you can do better than that!
•Hey, that really hurt! Now you're going to get the same!
•I guess you are a boy, after all. Now try this!
•No! I won't give up yet!!
•Okay, here I come!
•Ow, ow! Now it's my turn!
•You'd better stop dawdling or little Alenia will get away.
•All right, Prince. Show me how good you've gotten.
•Big moves like that tend to create openings, you know.
•Didn't I ask you not to hold back?
•Hey that really hurt! Are you trying to make me cry?
•I guess I ought to be a little more careful, too.
•Oh, my....Are you all right?
•Ow, ow, ow! You've really got your eyes open, huh, Prince?
•Phew! I feel a little tired...
•Phew! My arm is tired.
•So that's the way you like it, huh? That's fine with me.
•Don't you want to settle this quickly?
•If you don't start getting serious, I'm going to have to punish you!!
•Now I'm going to get really serious!
•Ouch, that hurt!! I'll get you this time!!
•Prince, can you handle this one?
•Prince, let's put an end to this!
•Think you can withstand it this time?
•Time for you to go beddy-bye!
•What do you think of this, then?!

Duel with Gizel Godwin
S5 Gizel Portrait02
Quote: "You're gonna have to prove to're a winner!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•And here's another one for you!
•First of all, let's see how you handle this.
•I'm not finished with you yet!
•It looks like we both were a little too impatient.
•Looks like that wasn't quite enough. Let me try that one more time.
•That was just a flesh wound now it's my turn.
•This won't get us anywhere. Take this!
•Very nice, Prince...But it's not over yet!
•Very nice, Prince. But our battle has just begun...
•Why don't you try a steadier approach?
•A weak attack like that would never phase me!
•Heh heh heh...A little bit of tension isn't a bad thing, either.
•I'd like for you to show me some of your moves too, Your •Highness...
•I think I felt that one a little bit...
•Let me see what you can do.
•Let us calm things down a bit.
•Please don't disappoint me.
•This time, why don't you make a move?
•Very nice, Prince. Maybe I should be a little more careful.
•Your Highness, you leave yourself wide open.
•All right, Prince, what do you think of this?
•How about it? Think you can stop that one this time?
•Let me show you how a big move is properly done.
•This is just a waste of time. Now prepare yourself!
•This time, I'll really finish you off!
•Time to finish you off!
•Very nice...But do you think you can counter this next one as well?!
•Very nice...Now I'll show you what I can do!
•You should have shown me a move at least as powerful as this!
•You wouldn't let yourself get defeated in just one turn, would you...?
Super Move
•Very nice...Now I'll show you what I can do!

Duel with Dolph
SV Dolph Portrait
Quote: "To see his Excellency, you'll have to defeat me, although I doubt you can."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Are you looking for ane opening? You're wasting your time.
•Are you trying to bring us both down? It's not going to work.
•Can you take another one?
•If you can't even dodge a move like that, you might as well give up.
•It's not over yet.
•Looks like you were a little too hasty. That won't work on me.
•Please allow me to test your strength.
•Still standing, huh? But can you withstand another one?
•Well, well. What a surprise. I didn't think you'd be able to counter that.
•You have to put more into it. Would you like me to show you?
•You might have the advantage in strength, but that's all.
•Are you trying to bring us both down? How reckless of you.
•Don't hold back now.
•Go ahead. Try and find an opening.
•I really do wish you'd try a little harder.
•I really wish you'd take this more seriously.
•Looks like you were a little too hasty. You have to pay more attention.
•Simply withstanding my attacks will never defeat me you know.
•Well, well. What a surprise. Maybe I was a little too careless.
•That was very good indeed, but it won't happen again.
•You have to put more into it. You'll never defeat me like that.
•You're better than I expected. Let me see what else you've got.
•Do you think you can withstand a Nether Gate move?
•Do you think you'll be able to do that one more time?
•If you're in such a rush for this to be over, I'll hurry up and end it!
•Still standing, huh? But will you be able to withstand this?
•Well, that was a surprise. Do you think we could do that again?
•You can't even dodge a move like that? I'll give you another one then!
•You did very well. I guess I should stop going easy on you.
•You do realize your life is at stake, don't you?
•You might have the advantage in strength, but what about moves?
Super Move
•You did very well. I guess I should stop going easy on you.

SV Lyon Portrait

Lyon Duel Edit

Duel with Dolph
SV Dolph Portrait
  • This duel is optional. The Prince can choose between letting Lyon duel Dolph for affection points, or choose to take him himself.
  • If you lose this duel, the Prince will stop Dolph from killing Lyon, and will enter in a duel with him.
Quote: "You can't defeat me in that condition. Surely you realize that..."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Are you trying to bring us both down? It's not going to work.
•Can you take another one?
•Here I come. See how you hold up.
•If you can't even dodge a move like that, you might as well give up.
•In your condition, this should be enough to do you in.
•It's not over yet.
•Now it's my turn to make a move.
•So, you still had that much strength left, eh? But will it last?
•Still standing, huh? But can you withstand another one?
•Stalling for time? That won't save you, you know.
•Well, well. What a surprise. I didn't think you'd be able to counter that.
•Are you trying to bring us both down? How reckless of you.
•I really do wish you'd try a little harder.
•I'm a little surprised to see you had that much strength left.
•Is that the best you can do? A move like that wouldn't affect me.
•Let me give you the chance to realize what shape you're in...
•Simply withstanding my attacks will never defeat me you know.
•The more time you waste, the more pain you'll be in, you know.
•That was very good indeed, but it won't happen again.
•Well, well. What a surprise. Maybe I was a little too careless.
•Would you like a little break?
•Would you like to try that again?
•A move like that was too much for you in your condition. I'll end things quickly.
•Do you think you'll be able to do that one more time?
•I won't let you suffer long.
•Is that the best you can do? We'd better end this right away.
•If you're in that much pain, why don't I just end this right now?
•So, you still had that much strength left, eh? But can you withstand this?
•Still standing, huh? But will you be able to withstand this?
•Well, that was a surprise. Do you think we could do that again?
•You can't even dodge a move like that? I'll give you another one then!
•You must be really feeling it by now. Why don't you just let yourself drop?
Super Move
•You did very well. I guess I should stop going easy on you.


Roy Duel Edit

Duel with Childerich
S5 Childerich Portrait
  • This duel is optional.
  • Losing this duel doesn't trigger the Game Over.

Quote: "Ha ha ha ha... You'd better make this fun for me!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Deadlock, eh? Then let me break it!
•Don't make me laugh! That pitiful move won't work on me!!
•Ha ha ha...All right, here I come.
•Ha ha ha! There's more where that came from!
•Me, Injured...? You're not getting away with that!!
•Why, you little brat!! I'll put you in your place!!
•You tired already? What fun is that?!
•Grrrrr...Damn you...
•Deadlock, eh? Take all the time you need.
•Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you done?
•Ha ha ha...Pathetic performances like that will disappoint Ferid, you know.
•Ha ha ha... You start first.
•Hmph. Guess you're not as weak as you look.
•You tired already? Need a little break?
•Don't make me laugh! This is how you kill someone!!
•Ha ha ha...Allow me to reunite you with your parents!!
•Ha ha ha... You sure you're ready?
•Me, Injured...? I'm gonna make you regret that!!
•Why, you little brat!! Die!!

Final Duel with Childerich

This duel can be fought not only with the Prince, but with Belcoot or Zegai as well if they are in the party. Richard can fight Childerich too, but this option is only avaliable if neither Belcoot or Zegai are in the party.

Duel with Childerich
S5 Childerich Portrait02
  • If you fight this duel with anyone else other than the Prince, losing this duel won't trigger the Game Over and the game will progress normally. However, the character you chose for the duel will die, forbidding you from getting all the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Quote: "!! Kill...."
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack
•Gah!! •Gunh gunh gunh gunh... •Gaaaaah!!
Super Move

Suikoden Tactics Edit

Duels in Suikoden Tactics differ from the other games; they involve Kyril in a normal battle against one enemy without the use of other allies.

ST Kyril Portrait2

Kyril Duels Edit

Duel with Mitsuba
ST Mitsuba Portrait
  • You must defeat Mitsuba to recruit her, otherwise you can do a rematch.
  • Mitsuba will change her element depending on the day of the week. It's recommended to face her on Windsday, so she will be weak to Kyril's fire element.

Quote: "Well, Well, what do we have here? Looks like easy pickings! You're here to challenge me right?... Hello? Anyone Home?! You'd better get it together or I'll attack first!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack

Duel with Martin
ST Martin Portrait
  • You must defeat Martin to go further in the game, otherwise you can restart the battle.

Quote: "I am not yet convinced that this little fool can protect you. Boy, I challenge you to a duel!"
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack

Duel with Evil Eye
EvilEye portrait
Quote: None
Battle Quotes
Attack Defense Special Attack

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(not counted as a Star of Destiny)
Temporary Playable
House of Godwin
GizelMarscalDilberZahhakAleniaJidan GuisuMahaDolphChilderich
ElemarkKhorshedHaladHinoyagiKayanuRoundierRovereTakefuteJinkuDe BeersRosalindFalzrahmKaussShahrewarOlhazetaSalumJalatMr. MouseCrimsonHiram
Sol-FalenaLordlakeRaftfleetHaudRainwallStormfistDoraatBeaver LodgeGordiusSableNirva IslandLelcarSauronix
Queendom of FalenaNew Armes Kingdom
House of GodwinHouse of BarowsHouse of Falenas
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Temporary Playable
Island Nations
RazrilMiddleportDeserted IslandKingdom of ObelNest of PiratesNa-Nal IslandNay IslandIluyaRuins of Obel
Kooluk Empire
GraskaMersetoHarunaXasta GrasslandRuins of CollanbalCaleron LaboratoryTerana PlainsSmall Border VillageMido ShallowsSecret Patriarchal FacilityEal-Eal
En KuldesReinbachs
ElvesHumansFishmenGiant OwlsKangacornNay-Kobolds
Evil EyeFishmenRune Cannon
Fall of Kooluk
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