The Double Leader Attack is a recurring unite attack in the Suikoden series. It usually involves a duo of brave young leader from the series.

Suikoden IIEdit

The Double Leader Attack deals 0.75x damage to all enemies. In it Riou and Tir attack the opponents two at a time with normal attacks until all opponents are hit.

Required MembersEdit

Tir McDohl

Suikoden TacticsEdit

Effect: Power 150
Special Notes: None
Enemy/Ally distinction: Yes
Delay until usable: Fast

Required MembersEdit

Lazlo En Kuldes
ST Kyril Portrait2

Suikoden TierkreisEdit

The Double Leaders attack deals damage to one enemy. In it both Sieg and Artie both charge the enemy and simultaneously begin slashing at the enemy with their swords.

Required MembersEdit

ST Sieg Portrait
ST Atrie Portrait


  • While performing Double Leader Attack Atrie will automatically change and copy the weapon that Sieg is currently using.
  • When Sieg is equip with Argent Fist while performing Double Leader Attack Atrie and Sieg can give 2,900-3,500 damage to their enemies.


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