"The popular leader of Citro's Defense Corps who has taught the other members how to fight in battle."
Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook Description

Dirk appears in Suikoden Tierkreis.

He mentored Sieg and his friends during his time in the Citro Village Defense Corps, and was seen as an older brother to them. Despite this, Dirk eventually betrays the party and joins The Order.



Not much is known about Dirk's past, except that he is a respected member of the Citro Village Defense Corps and is trusted by all the villagers, even Elder Rajim.



Dirk is shown to be a very responsible young man. He is quite calm and sensible, and is shown to be protective of Sieg and his friends (though he tries not to overdo it, unlike Elder Rajim or Sisuca). However, he will go to great lengths to protect his friends, as he became an Archivist because he felt they were endangering themselves. This overprotectiveness also shows a stubborn and reckless side of him, as he sacrificed his life to protect The Castle from being fused with the eleventh world.



The Beginning Edit

Dirk was shown at the game's start as the party's mentor. When Elder Rajim begins to regret allowing the party to go on their final mission, Dirk reassures him and says that since he'll be with him, they'll be safe no matter what.

When Sieg claims that Flesaria Forest just suddenly appeared, Dirk and the rest of the party begin to wonder if Sieg has gone crazy.

Within the temple in Flesaria Forest, the party is trapped in the deepest chamber by monsters, where they found a strange book. After Sieg, Jale and Marica touch the book, the monsters attack. Dirk was sure that they would die, but the party uses strange abilites and defeat the monster with ease. Dirk is astounded and thanks them for saving his life. However, he and Liu also touch the book, but to no avail, Liu did gain a Mark of the Stars, but keeps it hidden until later.

When the party begins their journey back to Citro Village, Jale and Marica also claim that Flesaria Forest wasn't always there. Dirk worries for them deeply, and sees his friends as going crazy.

When the party set out after their return to find the "Marica look-a-like", Dirk left the party, stating that with their new powers, the party could surely take care of themselves now.

Attack on Citro Village Edit

When the party learned of The Order's attack on Citro Village, Dirk and several other able men from the village were called upon by Marica and Jale to defend the village. He was teamed up with Logan and executed Liu's plan to eliminate the Order troops along with the others.

After Sieg defeats a wave of troops, Dirk is found unconscious after battling Conon and Fergus. He is taken back to the castle by Logan to treat his wounds.

After the plan was completed, Dirk congratulates the party for saving his life once again. However, while walking back to Citro, he is shown disappointed that he cannot help his friends anymore. He comes across Diadora, who uses his disappointment to manipulate Dirk into joining the Order.

Betrayal Edit

After the party completes the Second Empress Consort Quest, Dirk is shown entering the castle before the party returns. When the party goes up to the second floor, Sieg hears Mubal scream and runs to the Chronicle Room with his friends. Inside, Dirk is seen burning the Chronicles. He explains that the party has gone "way out of their heads". Sieg tries to get some sense into him, but Dirk refuses to listen. He runs away, laughing maniacally.

The 11th World Edit

When Sophia gave the 10th book to Sieg, Sophia told Sieg what's Valfred's plan, or on what he does with the false chronicles. When Sieg left the clinic, Marica showed up saying the Liu needs help in the Grand Hall, when Sieg entered the grand hall, he saw Liu with Dirk, and he has Liu's Chronicles. Dirk challenged Sieg outside the castle to fight. He lost to Sieg, after the fight another light appeared on the sky symbolizing that the 11th world is about to come in the HQ. Dirk used his Chronicles to stop the coming of the 11th world, sacrificing himself he succeeded. Dirk said his last words to Sieg and he vanished.

Role in the GameEdit

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 617/617
MP 417/417
STR 189 MAG 109
PDF 189 MDF 189
SKL 169 SPD 169
LUC 89

Unite AttacksEdit


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108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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