Dinn is the Tenman Star in Suikoden V.


Background Edit

Dinn is the head garrison in Sable. He seek the affection of Salisha Raulbel with her parent's approval.

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During the Sun Rune War, Sable was allied with the Salum Barows's and so he is associated with the Barows family, eventually Salum Barows's plan failed and he call back to Sable. When Roy started to dressed up as Freyjadour Falenas and act as a bandit to destroy Freyjadour's clean name. He found it strange and he still believe Freyjadour is innocent and he helped the real Freyjadour to clean his name again. After this, he join in Freyjadour's Loyalist Army.

As a member of the Loyalist Army, he became one of the head of the Cavalry or Ram unit. After the war, he gained fame and married Salisha Raulbel.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins after defeating the bandits in Sable. Pick the second choice when talking to him in Solis' mansion.

Dinn is a good frontline fighter but doesn't have too amazing stats.

  • Head - N/A
  • R. Hand - Titan Rune
  • L. Hand - Gained at Lv. 35

  • Head - Heavy
  • Body - Heavy
  • Hand - Heavy
  • Foot - Heavy

  • 831
  • LV19
  • LV26
  • LV34
  • LV42
  • 780
  • 298
  • 102
  • 388
  • 503
  • 503
  • 211
  • 106

Dinn is an S-range fighter that uses a Nodachi as a weapon.

Weapon Growth
Name Manar al-Sana Najm al-Sabah Shams al-Zuha
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 20 30 45 60 75 85 120 130 140 155 170 185 220 230 240 255

Dinn can participate in Fancy Lad and Sword Master.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina A
Attack A
Defense S
Technique A
Vitality A
Agility A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic C
Magic Defense B
Incantation C
Sword of Magic C

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Raging Lion A
Fate Control A
Karmic Effect SS
Triple Harmony A
Untold Clarity A

Dinn can lead a cavalry unit on land or ram unit at sea. He is the best cavalry leader until you recruit Wilhelm and Mueller. He also gives his unit one use of the Charge ability.

  1. Dinn´s head of the garrison in Sable. He´s a reliable leader -- his men and his lord, Raulbel, agree on that. He looks like a man with very few faults.
  2. Dinn used to be all alone in the world. The last Lord Raulbel took him in with the intention of making him a gladiator. Solis must have talked his father out of that.
  3. He´s courting Solis Raulbel´s daughter, Salisha, with her parents´ approval. He´s so devoted to her, I almost wonder who his real master is.

  • Nakula

He is indeed the one we captured, but we didn't know his story at the time. Your Highness has welcomed him into our army, and we certainly respect this decision.

  • Isato and Mathias

I feel a sense of kinship with these two.

  • Shula Valya

While I haven't quite let go of all my doubts, I think he can be trusted. If I put my prejudices aside, I see his fine character. He doesn't try to hide the interests of Armes, either.

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