From left to right: Sarah, Yuber, Luc and Albert Silverberg

Destroyers is the title given to the group consisting of Luc, Sarah, Yuber, and Albert Silverberg, as well as their minions, consisting mostly of summoned monsters, who instigated the Second Fire Bringer War for their own ends in SY 475.

Loosely united (only Luc and Sarah could be said to have held the same goal), the Destroyers attempted to use the Ceremonial Site to destroy a True Rune. In the end, however, Albert betrayed the group, and Yuber withdrew under pressure from the Fire Bringer, leaving Luc and Sarah alone to attempt the plan. In the end, they were defeated, the Ceremonial Site destroyed and their plan thwarted.

While Luc and Sarah died in the conflict and Yuber had disappeared, Albert Silverberg used the fame garnered by the war in order to earn a position as a leading strategist for a powerful nation on the Western Continent, based on his skill during the conflict.

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