Deserted Island

Deserted Island Sceen Shot

The Deserted Island is a small island in the central northern region of the Island Nations. The island is a popular hideout for mermaids who enjoy privacy. There is a deep cave on the east side of the island near the small dock on the south, and a small forest that covers the remainder of the island.

Hunters often come to the island seeking treasure, such as the elusive Rainbow Shell.


Paula, Lazlo and Keneth speak with Lilen of the on the Deserted Island Beach

Not much happens on the Deserted Island. Lazlo, his fellow ex-Razril Knights, and Chiepoo were marooned on the island when they were exiled from Razril. They first encounter Lilin in this area (Lazlo first encounters her near the Subterranean Lake, but she leaves items for him and jumps into the lake out of fear). When Chiepoo is captured by a giant crab on the fourth day, Lilin tells them all the events that led to Chiepoo's capture.

When the island is revisited, it becomes home to some of the most powerful enemies normally fought, including the Moss Behemoth and the Ogre Frog. Lilen and Taisuke can be found near the Subterranean Lake, but they can only be gathered in two successive visits, and not one single visit.


Putting the ship ashore takes the player to the Beach, which contains the area's sole Save Point. To the left of the Beach is the Edge, and to the right is the Boulder Shade, where Lazlo and his friends rest for the night during their few days on the island.

Taking the exit to the middle of the Beach leads the player to the Forest, and going further up is the Hill. (Upon returning to this area, the Hill contains one of the strongest bosses in the game, the Ancient Crab.)

The exit towards the right of the Beach, next to the Boulder Shade, leads to the Cave, a dark area infested with enemies. Crossing this area will lead the player to the Subterranean Lake, a relatively calm area akin to a hot spring, where the party's HP and MP can be restored.

Trivia Edit

  • After the Island Liberation War, the island was officially named as "Lazlo's Island", due Lazlo, the leader of the Island Liberation Navy, had spend some time there. Chiepoo, however, calls it "Chiepoo's Island".
  • Chiepoo opens a shop on it in Suikoden Tactics.

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