Danash VIII

"The Mage Lord of the Magedom of Janam. He is a highly talented diplomat."
Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook Description

Danash VIII is a major character from Suikoden Tierkreis. He is the eigth Mage Lord of the Magedom of Janam. His Empress Consorts are Shairah, Rizwan and Kureyah. He is the father of Shams and Manaril.



Danash was presumably born in El-Qaral to the previous Mage Lord. As he grew up, he inherited the Mage Lord title from his father.



Danash is a very cunning individual, using tricks when neccesary to increase his country's power. He will go as far as pitting two people or groups against each other in order to make them compete. (Which is why The Empress Consorts have deep hatred for each other.) Danash hides this cunning personality by acting kind and generous. Sieg himself claimed that Danash was no different from Valfred; a future Danash wanted and a future already predetermined seemed pretty much the same to Sieg.



Attack on Citro Village Edit

When Luvais returned to the Magedom knowing that The Order was going to attack Citro Village, Danash ordered The First Mage Company and The Blades of Night's Veil to protect the village. He also told Asad and Chrodechild to offer an alliance with the Magedom to those also protecting Citro Village.

Alliance with The Company Edit

When The Company arrived in El-Qaral, Danash offered them an alliance, promising that the Magedom will continue in assisting the protection of Citro Village. Sieg accepted, and Danash gave The Company El-Qaral's False Chronicles, the Fierce Regalia.

Failed Attack on Ladzaa Fortress Edit

After The First Mage Company and The Blades of Night's Veil's failed attack on Ladzaa Fortress, Danash stirred up competition between the latter and The Company. However, both forces soon realize this and begin working together as comrades again.

Fall of Ladzaa Fortress Edit

Danash detained The Blades of Night's Veil, accusing them of knowing about the destruction of Ladzaa but fleeing instead. However, his true motive was to move Chrodechild to the Inner Sanctum, asking for her hand in marriage and gaining complete control of The Blades.

Escape From The Magedom Edit

Danash was knocked out by Chrodechild, who escaped The Imperial Palace with the help of Asad.

Later, Danash, Shairah and several Magedom soldiers caught up with The Company, Asad, Chrodechild and Manaril. After his troops are defeated, Danash claims that without the organization and power of The Magedom, The Company could never hope to defeat the Order. Sieg denies by stating that the way Danash manipulates the future to his favor was no different from The Order's belief, a predetermined future. The Company then flees, but Danash just laughs amusingly and orders Shairah and her back troops to return to El-Qaral.

Later, he sends a letter to the Fortress Ruins, stating that The Company were not enemies to The Magedom.


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