The Current Cynas

Currrent Appearance

Cynas was originally the home of the tribe of Scribes but after Valfred betray and use them, the Scribes leave Cynas and Hide on the Noslaw Woods. Cynas is on the north of Fort Arc

Valfred create Cynas as the biggest City on the continent and it became the Order of One True Way's Head quarters. All of the people that is living here believe on the Order's principle. They also believe in One World, One Future.

As the game became deeper Cynas Appearance will grow differently. After the battle of The One King and the Viele Wege Company, the Scribes return to Cynas.


Item ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a little HP. HP +100 50 Potch
Mega Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a lot of HP. HP +300 500 Potch
Mint Standard household medicine. Restores Silent 2,000 Potch
Antitoxin Bitter, dried medicinal herbs. Cures Poison. 50 Potch
Cough Drop 50 Potch
Tranquilizer 50 Potch
Revival Statue Revival one person 2,500 Potch

Weapons ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Board Sword 2,400 Potch
Bone Axe 1,500 Potch
Iron Spear 2,400 Potch
Bone Club 4,000 Potch
Iron Talons 2,000 Potch
Iron Rod 1,000 Potch
Bone Dagger 1,600 Potch
Order Bow 3,200 Potch
Bone Boomerang 2,000 Potch



Sub LocationEdit

Tower of the WayEdit

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