The Creeper is a common enemy encounter in the Suikoden series. These creatures appear in all mainstream Suikoden games except Suikoden IV, and all attack basically the same way, using either a weak slash attack or an attack where they suck up their opponent like a vacuum, chew them, and spit them out.

Creepers are generally rather weak, though in Suikoden III and V, they also come in a purple and "Big" variety which is blue, and as well and are stronger than their green counterparts.

There is also an Ancient Creeper that exists, though this creature is quite different from regular creepers, and is found in the Deep Twilight Forest.

Locations Edit

Suikoden Edit

  • Scarleticia Castle
  • World Map (Scarleticia Area)

Suikoden II Edit

  • Sindar Ruins
  • Forest behind Greenhill School

Suikoden III Edit

Regular Creeper Edit

  • Mt. Hei-tou (Thomas Chapter 1 and 2)
  • Zexen Forest (Hugo Chapter 1, Thomas Chapters 1 and 2)

Purple Creeper Edit

  • North Cavern (Thomas Chapter 1 and 2)
  • Amur Plains (Hugo Chapter 1, Thomas Chapter 1 and 2)

Suikoden V Edit

Regular Creeper Edit

  • World Map (Rainwall Area)
  • Western Woods
Purple creeper

Purple Creeper

  • World Map (Estrise Area)
  • Baska Mine

Big Creeper Edit

  • World Map (Lelcar Area)


  • A similar enemy to the Creeper appear in Suikoden IV and Tactics, known as the Queen Sprout. Queen Sprout can suck all allies inside of them for attack damage, just like the Creeper.