"Furious Roar Man. Wandered into this world and couldn't get back. Treated like monster, but Sieg was friendly."
—In-Game Character Description

Cougar appears in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Cougar was a member of the Tribe of the Furious Roar and a close friend of Sieg as well. He was the subordinates of King Diulf together with Servillah and Lycia.





Cougar was a member of the Tribe of the Furious Roar that accidentaly came into our world throught the Gateway at Ladzaa Fortress. Upon doing so the Order Soldiers called him a monster and attacked him managing to wound his shoulder. As he was fleeing the fortress he ran into Sieg and his Company who took out the Order Soldiers that were chasing him. After reveiling what he looked like both Asad and Roberto called him a monsters but Sieg was only worried about his shoulder wound and took him back to the Magedom of Janam to find him some help. After doctor Zahra was able to patch him up Cougar thanked them for their kindness and asked why they were doing so, when everyone else in this world calls him a monster. Sieg responded that he was doing it cause he needed help and that Cougar didn't seem like a monster. "Monsters act all weird and attack people but you dont seem weird and you dont attack people" Sieg responded. Afterwards Cougar explained that he was not of this world and had to return to his world to help his king fight an organization similiar to the Order. Sieg suggested that he used the gateway back at his castle. However when Cougar tried to enter it he ended up back in the Corridor with Sieg and Hotupa. Wahie soon appeared and explained that a being from another world could only return to their world through the gateway they entered our world first.

Sieg told Cougar that he'd find a way to return him to his world even if it meant taking Ladzaa Fortress from the order to do so. However in order to do so they'd need the help of the Porpos-kin who were not talking to humans. Liu had Cougar journey with Sieg to Naineneis to see if they'd talk to him. After Cougar helped gain the trust of the Porpos-kin by explaining how Sieg treated him when they first meet. As a result the Porpos-kin explained their situation to Sieg. As it turned out the Order stole several of their most precious artifacts the "Priestess Beads" and were Hiding them in a cave nearby. The beads were guarded by a Renegade but Sieg with the help of Cougar was able to defeat it.

Later after the sucessful seige of Ladzaa Forest, Sieg was able to keep his promise to Courage of returning him to his home world. However, when half of the Ch'olui Mountains disappeared and the Marsinah Plains appeared, Sieg and Roberto went to greet cougar back. However when they got there no one claimed to have ever heard of Cougar, not even King Diulf who Cougar claimed to have served directly under. After the Furious Roar joined the company and it was discovered that their scared pillar held a False Chronicle, it was revealed in a vision that cougar perished in the battle against the One King. No one could remember him until they became star bearers and thats when it was discovered that not only did Cougar die but the entire world in which he dwelled was destroyed. All except for the Marsinah Plains and Cragbark which were drawn into our world.

Role in the GameEdit


Cougar cannot be recruited but you can control him while he is still with you.


Needs information.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 617/617
MP 377/377
STR 264 MAG 69
PDF 209 MDF 249
SKL 209 SPD 249
LUC 129

Mark of StarsEdit

  • Physical marks

Two-Way Spear
Rapid Strike

  • Magical mark

Flame Explosion

  • Support Mark

Full of Life


Starting and Permanent Equipment:

  • Weapon: Iron Fists
  • Armor : Ninja Garb

Unite AttacksEdit

Needs information.


  • Cougar was not one of the 108 in our world but he was in his own. Which star he was however remains a mystery.
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