Content Moderators have the ability to moderate parts of the community that host the wikia’s content.

They assume the following abilities: Deleting and undeleting pages, protecting and unprotecting pages, suppress redirect on page moves, move files, and reupload files. For communities with RecentChanges patrol enabled, these users will also have the patrol and autopatrol permissions.

They also assume the “rollback” permission by default.

Wanted Content ModeratorEdit

Best Practices

  1. Must be a wikia user.
  2. Have been on Suikoden Wikia for a while.
    Must know the community.
  3. Can we trust you to always act in the best interests of the wikia?
    Must think for the best interest of this wiki.
  4. Have contributed to the wikia.
    On this wiki you must have 450 edits and on the 450 edits you made you must already edited not only your favorite Suikoden Series pages but also other Suikoden Series pages as well.
  5. Have contributed well.
    Must contributed a worthwhile edits.
  6. Does not block by the admins or does not have a history of conflicts or disruption.

If you already met the following practices you can file an Application to the Bureaucrats listed below:

Task and Condition might change without prior notice.