Clant is a minor antagonist in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2. A former high-ranking knight in the Matilda Knightdom, Clant turned to a life of crime following the Dunan Unification War and was killed by Camus and Miklotov during an attempted raid on Milit.



Once a high-ranking knight in the Matilda Knightdom in the then City-States of Jowston, Clant fell from grace following the end of the Dunan Unification War and the death of Gorudo. Unable to continue on in the Knighthood, Clant fled Matilda and traveled to the Grasslands.

There, disguising himself with a mask, he formed a group of bandits and lead them to attack villages, claiming to be the Flame Champion and the Fire Bringer. They would demand food supplies and any treasure the town held, or Clant and his bandits would take the town's things by force. Adding legitimacy to Clant's claims was a powerful fire rune he held in his possession that he would use skillfully in battle.

Genso SuikogaidenEdit

In SY 461, however, Clant decided to lay seige to Milit village, threatening to burn the village down if his demands were not given into. However, Camus and Miklotov, themselves Matilda Knights, were in Milit visiting a friend of Camus', Maki. They, with the help of the Tinto Republic's Lampdragon Trio - Gijimu, Lo Wen, and Koyu - as well as a traveling troupe of performers, made of Bolgan, Eilie, and Rina, and the new comers Nash Latkje and Gilbert stopped the Fake Fire Bringer's assault by exposing their lies and defeating them. Clant's rune was shattered by Camus, who threw a dagger owned by Maki at the rune, shattering it.

Clant leaped into battle against Miklotov and Camus; however, their combined might was too much for him without the aid of his rune, and Clant fell to their attacks, permanently putting a stop to his fake fire bringer scheme.

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