ST Citro Village

Citro Village.

Citro Village is a small village in Suikoden Tierkreis. It is the hometown of the Sieg and his companions. Its ruling nation and geographical location in relation to the rest of the world is unknown. The Citro Village Elder is Rajim.


A small idyllic village, Citro is divided into four core areas: the Town Square, the Elder's House, the Gathering Spot and the General Store. The Citro Town Guard is stationed in the village to keep it safe from the immediate threat of monsters and bandits.

Located on the south-western fringes of the Citro Plain, Citro is located near the coast. It is near this village that the mysterious Flesaria Forest, and the ruins hidden within, suddenly appear.

Although Citro is not part of any nation, it appears to be culturally influenced by the Magedom of Janam. There have been many offers to purchase the area for its territory but Elder Rajim managed to finesse his way out of such deals.


Item ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a little HP. HP +100 50 Potch
Mega Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a lot of HP. HP +300 500 Potch
Antitoxin Bitter, dried medicinal herbs. Cures Poison. 50 Potch

Weapons ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Wooden Stick A sturdy tree branch cut so as easy to wield.
Attack +2.
50 Potch
Bone Kukri 1-handed sword carved from hard beast bone.
Attack +4, Accuracy +2.
200 Potch
Cudgel A thick club carved from a solid tree branch.
Attack +10.
500 Potch
Bone Fists Gloves carved from the hard bones of a beast.
Attack +6, Accuracy +5.
300 Potch
Wooden Bow A bow made from a supple tree branch.
Attack +5.
150 Potch
Boomerang A boomerang made from a solid tree branch.
Attack +10, Defense +5.
1000 Potch
Bone Dagger Throwing knife carved from hard beast bone.
Attack +5, Magic Defense +5.
150 Potch
Corps Shield Wood reinforced w/ lead plate. Better than nothing.
Defense +6.
100 Potch

Armor ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Stomach Band Not much Defense, but keeps the stomach warm.
Defense +2.
100 Potch
Tunic Loose, comfy and widely-popular garment.
Defense +3.
200 Potch
Leather Armor Widely-popular armor made of tanned hide.
Defense +8.
700 Potch
Robe A silky robe that feels good against the skin. 80 Potch

Accessories ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Stomach Band Not much Defense, but keeps the stomach warm.
Defense +2.
100 Potch
Leather Helm An ordinary helm made of tanned hide.
Defense +2.
80 Potch
Pointy Hat A cone-shaped hat.
Magic Defense +2.
50 Potch
Sandals Easy to slip on for a quick stroll.
Defense +1, Speed +1.
80 Potch
Mittens Warm and cute hand coverings.
Defense +2, Accuracy +1.
80 Potch

Trade Goods ShopEdit

Name Description Initial Cost
Rock Salt Product of Naineneis. Cooking seasoning. 35 Potch
Sugar Cane Grown in Pharamond Wastelands. Used as a sweetener. 50 Potch
Black Pepper Rare spice imported from overseas. 100 Potch
Citro Tomato Delicious, ripe, red tomato grown in Citro Village. 40 Potch
Janam Potato A verstaile vegetable. Special product of Janam. 58 Potch
Ch'olui Cabbage Cabbage sweetened by the Ch'olui Mountains frost. 95 Potch
Raparo Meat The tender meat of a migratory shore bird. 450 Potch
Mislato Salmon Popular fish caught in Mislato River. 280 Potch
Herbal Medicine Compounded from several natural, medicinal plants. 300 Potch
Copper Ore Abundant, cheap ore. Easy to work with. 100 Potch
Iron Ore Extremely hard. Can still be found in Grayridge Mine. 180 Potch
Silver Ore Valuable ore. Can only be collected at Mount Svatgol. 500 Potch
Gold Ore Very valuable. Can be collected in the Janam region. 1200 Potch
Laggart Pelt The pelt of a Laggart. Rough and stiff. 160 Potch
Lizard Skin Tough yet pliant. Used for clothing and furniture. 240 Potch
Gazelle Fur Soft and light. Used for clothing and bedding. 220 Potch
Scorpion Hide Tanned and tough. Used for weapons and furniture. 520 Potch
Butterfly Wing Light and strong. Used to make gorgeous clothing. 3800 Potch
Eternal Feather A feather that will never molder. Feels weightless. 6400 Potch
Cotton Thread Thread made from the fibers of the cotton plant. 100 Potch
Wool Yarn Yarn made from fur wool. 120 Potch
Silk Thread Made from silk spun by the Silkmoth Larva. 220 Potch
Glow Bead Bead that shines brightly. Its use is unclear. 600 Potch



Sub LocationEdit

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