Chuck is the Chison Star in Suikoden V.


Background Edit

Chuck lose his family during the Armes invasion eight years ago, he stumbled upon Salum Barows Mansion, the guard drove him away but Luserina Barows stood up for him. Since then he admire Luserina and he became the Warehouse Keeper of the Barows Mansion. Salum Barows used this opportunity to hide the Dawn Rune in his basement and told him that Luserina can't go down there because he placed a present for Luserina's wedding there.

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During the Sun Rune War, Freyjadour Falenas came in the Barows Mansion in seek for shelter. Chuck became sad because he thought that Freyjadour is Luserina's lover but he still treat him politely. When Euram Barows blab that his father has the Dawn Rune, Luserina, Freyjadour and Sialeeds Falenas went to the basement. Chuck stop them and so Freyjadour fight him on a one one duel and as a result, Chuck was defeated, they discovered the Dawn Rune at the basement. When Luserina decided to go with Freyjadour, Chuck followed Luserina and he became the warehouse keeper for the Loyalist Army.

In the Ceras Lake Castle, the Loyalist Army's headquarter, Chuck watch the Book of Condemnation but he can't take to watch it anymore because the book was glowing at night and thought it was made by pure evil and he gave it back to Freyjadour. He also was defeated by Nikea in eating contest. After the war, he was determined to help Luserina, he becomes the best damn storage guard the Sun Palace has ever had.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically after obtaining the Dawn Rune.

Chuck manages the storage at your castle.

Chuck grants the unit he accompanies the Balance ability.

  1. Chuck is the young man who guarded the Barows family´s storage. Now he guards our storage here.
  2. He lost his family during the Armes invasion eight years ago. He drifted around, and wound up stumbling into Lord Barows´ mansion. As the guards drove him out, Luserina stood up for him, and he ended up staying with them.
  3. He used to tend the Barows gardens -- he loves flowers and trees. I wonder how those gardens are doing now...

  • That Book

You know that book that glows at night? I heard that thing's pure evil! I know it's my job to watch over stuff, but I didn't sign up to watch THAT!

  • Eating Competition

I thought I was gonna win, but this girl, Nikea, she left everybody else in the dust!

  • Raven?

Is that what his name is? That guy who just trashed my workplace? Prince, please tell him to come down here and clean up!

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