The False Chronicles is a series of books in Suikoden Tierkreis found in different worlds in the Infinity. It is a record of everything in their world; contradictory to the The Order of the One True Way, refer to this as the False Chronicles, this does not determine future but has records of future natural disasters.

When a world is fused, it becomes "truth" recorded in True Chronicle, then modifying and confusing other people's memories to fit this truth. This, however, helps awaken the Mark of the Stars of the 108 Starbearers, thus letting them keep or remember their memories of what is real in their world.

The books are simply blank to ordinary people, but to Starbearers and Readers, they are shown visions. Some can even extract info from Chronicles and change it into written words.

The books are aimed to be used by Valfred and the Order to be able to change the location of the unpreventable overlapping of the worlds. Valfred has done this several times, but did not do so when the Chronicle of the Boundless Amber appeared with the Janam Desert and eradicated the Magedom of Janam.

The Chronicles found in their order of appearance are:

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