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Chris Lightfellow
Tenbi Star (Lowly Star)

The Silver Maiden

Japanese クリス ライトフェロー '
Appears in Suikoden III
Origin Vinay del Zexay
Born SY 454
Position Captain of the Zexen Knights
Attached Runes Phoenix Rune
True Water Rune

Chris is the Tenbi Star in Suikoden III.


Born to Wyatt and Anna Lightfellow, her father left when she was young, and Louis' father took care of her. She became the Captain of the Zexen Knights after Pelize and Galahad were killed in battle. She doesn't like the fame and idolizing she received just from serving her country, but puts up with it. Everybody in Zexen adores her and her knights have undying loyalty to her. As a pawn in Harmonia and the Zexen Council's plan to divide up the Grasslands between them, her knights were ambushed at the Amur Plains truce meeting. Managing to escape, she led them to Karaya Village. She killed Lulu when he attacked her there, but felt regret later for killing a child. Again she was angered by those who called her a hero for destroying a village, and she was forced to attack the Great Hollow. After running away with Nash into the Grasslands to look for the Flame Champion, she learns about the Grassland cultures; and meets Yun from the Alma Kinan Village. Yun's plans to sacrifice herself shock Chris, who tries to stop the ritual. However, Yun convinces her not to, and thus soon dies. Chris helps the new Fire Bringer, either becoming the new Flame Champion or a high-level commander bearing the True Water Rune, depending on the player's choice in the game.

Suikoden IIIEdit


Joins automatically in Chris Chapter 1.

Character DetailsEdit

Suikoden Chris

Unite AttacksEdit

Chris can particapte in the Knight B attack.


Phoenix Rune
True Water Rune

Recommended RunesEdit

Chris doesn't get any real open Rune slots to play with. Both slots pretty much are taken up by one of the True Runes and her Unique Phoenix Rune. Chris' best magic options come from Water and Magic Sword, so they are her best magical options, otherwise, stick to Killer Runes and Double Strike Runes.


Chris is not a powerful magic user. She may(or may not) learn one level 4 spell when at a very high level, such as level 60. However, she boasts a high defence with her armor. Chris gets the Unique Skills: Heavy Damage and Parry, which can both reach rank A. She does extremely well with the Accuracy, Damage, and Armor melee skills. Magic skill wise, she does best with Water Runes and surprisingly Sword of Magic Runes, where she has a B+ and A respectively for them. Her heavy equipment, powerful weapon and high stats, makes Chris a potent melee fighter.

Weapon Growth ChartEdit

Name Letzt Stendich Ervich
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 6 18 31 43 55 78 88 98 107 117 127 151 161 171 180 190

Equipment ClassesEdit

Investigation/Suggestion BoxEdit


Kidd InvestigationsEdit

Profile: Captain of the Zexen Knights. She's bright, beautiful and strong. I adore her...

Inquiry 1: Since she was a child, she has been known for her swordsmanship, but she wasn't good at the lessons that girls usually take.

Inquiry 2: As a student, she was in the chapel choir. But she was utterly tone deaf! She quit soon after. It's a memory she would rather forget.

Inquiry 3: She had a fight with Lilly at the Zexen Foundation Day Ball. They hurled wine, slapped each other and threw tables. After all that, they became friends! Frightening, huh?


  • The manga adaption of Suikoden III actually shows the incident with Lilly that is mentioned in the Investigation reports.
  • Despite being a candidate to become the Flame Champion, Chris has the lowest affinity to Fire Runes of the three characters, and she is the worst magic-user of the three.
  • The English names of the second and third forms of her weapon are mistransliterations; it should be Letzt, Ständig, and Ewig, which are German for Last / Constant/ Eternal.
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