The Chisyun Star, also known as the The Elegant Star, is one of the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Many Chisyun Star are "Tricksters"—gadget makers—or their creations. This may be a play on the changed meaning of the character 俊 in the star's name. In Chinese the star would be translated as "earthly handsome star", but as the Japanese use the character it's closer to "earthly genius star".

The original Chisyun Star from the novel Water Margin was Song Qing, the younger brother of Song Jiang and also known as Iron Fan. Unlike his counterparts in the games, he is not a gadget maker or a trickster, except that he did write a letter to his brother falsely claiming their father was dead (it was not his idea). His role after joining the Liangshan outlaws is mainly as a banquet organizer.

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