Chisato is the Chiken Star in Suikoden V.



Chisato is a young traveling puppeter. She's incredibly good with voices and she can produce any voice any time she want. Due to it she was known as "The Woman of Thousand Voices."

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Chisato is a nice woman with a low confidence on herself, but when someone is in need of help, she is there to help.


Game Edit

During the Sun Rune War, she was in Nirva Island performing her puppet show, starring the famous pirate Brandeau and the beautiful and courageous Princess of Obel, Flare En Kuldes. The children enjoyed the show and couldn't believe that Chisato is the one who are voicing the puppets. After this, Chisato helped Bernadette Egan and Freyjadour Falenas to rescue, Sey a child who was held as a hostage by pirate, the pirate are demanding to release their captain in exchange for Sey. Chisato wearing a brown hood, use her talent as ventriloquist and mimic the voice of the pirates captain. The pirate believed her and freed the boy. Chisato with the boy run away to safety and the Obel soldier caught the pirate. The mother of the Sey followed them and thank Chisato. Chisato feels pretty terrified and fall apart after dealing with the pirates resulting her to sit on the ground but that adventure gave him bit more confidence. For thanking the newly confidence she gain, Chisato join in Freyjadour's Loyalist Army. After the war, her storytelling and voice talents, put to use by a traveling puppet show troupe, entertain children everywhere.

Role in the GameEdit

While on Nirva Island, trigger the hand puppet scene by approaching Chisato and the crowd of children. Then, after the coronation ceremony/HQ upgrade (combined scene), bring Bernadette to Nirva to trigger the kidnapping event, then talk to Chisato and ask her to help. After the event, she will join.

Chisato change the voice of the hero in the game.

Chisato gives a military unit the Muddle ability, which reduces the enemies attack power by five points.

  1. Chisato´s a young lady who used to do puppet shows on Nirva Island. She´s amazing with voices -- she can produce any voice she wants at any time.
  2. I thought her voices might be magical or something, but they aren´t. No magic, no gimmicks. Just talent and practice. It´s incredible what people are capable of.
  3. Chisato doesn´t know it, but she´s a legend in the world of theater: "The Woman of Thousand Voices." Most people think she´s a myth. If they knew better, I bet every theater group in the world would be clamoring for her.

  • No Title

I love you, Prince! Let's get married!

  • Looking for Something

Um, excuse me. I was wondering if maybe Your Highness got a love letter of some sort in this box recently? It was part of the script for an unfinished puppet show, and it may have wound up in the box...On second thought, never mind. Please don't tell me where it ended up. I'd be so embarrassed...

  • Norma and Her Leopard

I had no idea I'd run into them here! What a pleasant surprise!

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