The Chihi Star, also known as The Orphan Star, is one the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Many Chihi Star are Martial Arts Trainers.

The original Chihi Star from the novel Water Margin was Li Zhong, also known as Tiger Slaying General. Like his counterpart Kai, he was an instructor in combat with staves. However, his student was not the Tenkai Star like Tir McDohl, but the Tenbi Star, Shi Jin. Also, his training was not especially good, since Shi Jin's next instructor, Wang Jin, demonstrates how his moves are more for show than blow. Indeed, Li Zhong is first seen using his skills theatrically, to attract a crowd simply so he can sell medicines. Nevertheless, he is genuinely skilled enough to lead the bandits of Mount Peach Blossom and later join the outlaws at Liangshan.

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