The Champion's Rune is a type of rune in the Suikoden series. It allows the user to avoid encounters with weak enemies. The Champion's Rune has appeared in every main Suikoden game.

Suikoden IEdit

When a Champion's crystal is attached to a character in Suikoden, it becomes a Champion's Rune.

  • No more feeble enemies

Suikoden IIEdit

  • Weak enemies no longer approach.

Suikoden IIIEdit

  • Avoid encounters with weak enemies

Suikoden IVEdit

  • Monsters that can be "Let Go" will not attack you.

Suikoden TacticsEdit

  • Encounter fewer weak enemies.

Suikoden VEdit

  • Enemies who are lower level than user will not attack.


  • In Suikoden I and Suikoden II, the Champion's Rune works even with a non-active star wearing it. In the other games, it's only effective when an active star wears it (in current party).
  • It is very useful in Suikoden IV, since you can freely navigate the ship without fighting battles every five seconds. This allows for easier access to items when fishing, and can also help recruit certain characters that you must set sail in the ocean for a while.