Mr. Fanservice provides similar eye candy for women. It can be an effective way to bring in female viewers, even in a series directed towards males.

Some of the boys fans considered.

In order for a guy to qualify as Mr. Fanservice, just being attractive isn't enough. He needs to be shown in scenes intended as fanservice for girls (and certain guys). He can have anything between muscular limbs, broad shoulders and/or sculpted abs (between six-packs and eight-packs). Said muscles can be either lean or chiseled; as long as you can see them, they count. He may also have long hair though it's not required.

He can wear tight clothing, which shows off his body without baring skin. He can pull off a male version of Bare Your Midriff. He can wear anything (or nothing, that works too), as long as these clothes accentuate or reveal his muscles.


Results of the contest.

Bishōnen and pretty boys can easily qualify as well, and are often intended as fanservice too (particularly in manga and anime, where they are rather common and video games, where they are not as common with some notable exceptions). A rarer type of the pretty boy subseries is the Biseinen who has a pretty face and chiseled muscles rather than being willowy. Biseinen are often unemotional but can still appear in comedic situations which can overlap with the genderflipped Reluctant Fanservice Girl.

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