The Suikoden Wikia have plenty of pages, categories and files in need of maintaining and updating. Meaning there are plenty of things to do, so we separate the task and appoint a wikia user on each task to make the work easy for everyone.

As a user who is a level ahead on the other user, you must be active as much as you can and care for the wiki and the people in it.

Read more about User rights.


  1. Please choose/pick a task that you are interested in below.
    Note: Make sure that you read the task that you are interested in. It is your guideline for this wiki.
  2. After picking a task that you wanted, please leave a message to Milkandchocolate, Hotspot, Omega16, Kimlasca warrior or on Wiki's facebook page.
  3. Please give us 1 to 2 days to respond on your message.

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