The main headquarters of Suikoden 3 eventually get's an elevator, and when this arrives Thomas and his group decide to ride the elevator all the way up, then down. They are surprised to find there is a "Basement level" to the castle, which none of them knew existed, and decide to explore this area. The basement is actually a dungeon, and has a split path about half way in, and a dungeon boss.

At the end of the dungeon is a secret room, which Eike uses to be by himself and read sometimes. He invited Thomas and anyone who wishes to use this room, to be welcome to do so. After Eike leaves, Thomas and company also realize that Eike somehow managed to get down into the dungeon without the use of the elevator, indicating there may be something more to Eike, or another way down no one knows of.


Monsters found in the Budehuc Basement Level Edit

Thomas Chapters 1 and 2 Edit

  • Blade Bunny
  • Chon Chon
  • Megawaki
  • Choe Choe (Area Boss)

Chris Chapter 2/Geddoe Chapter 1 Edit

  • Choe Choe
  • Megawaki
  • Dark Hare (Area Boss)

Chris Chapter 3/Geddoe Chapter 2-3/Hugo Chapter 3 Edit

  • Dark Hare
  • Devil Eye
  • Yellow Svire
  • Siren (Area Boss)

Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Edit

  • Siren
  • Blue Svire
  • Song Sprite
  • Siren (Area Boss)