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The Bright Shield Rune is a separable aspect of the Rune of the Beginning representing the power to protect.


The Shield Rune is one of the halves of the Rune of the Beginning. Representing the defensive power, and nature of stability and protection in order for creation in "the beginning," this rune holds amazing restorative powers. Much of the power is manifested in the form of shields, and all of the spells have a restorative effect.

The earliest known usage of the Bright Shield Rune was by Master Genkaku, hero of Jowston. It's combative nature drove him to battle his friend, Han Cunningham. When Genkaku refused to fight in the duel, Highland won the territory surrounding Kyaro Town, where he later resided.

Han and Genkaku resolve their disputes and seal their runes away at the shrine at Toto Village. The runes remained there until Luca Blight's attack on the village many years later, when Jowy and Riou are led by Pilika to the shrine.


  • Level 1: Great Blessing: Heals 70 HP and status of all allies.
  • Level 2: Shining Light: 130 damage to all enemies.
  • Level 3: Battle Oath: Heals 300 HP of all allies, sometimes causes Berserk.
  • Level 4: Forgiver Sign: Heals 2000 HP for all allies, rest becomes damage to all enemies.*
  • War Effect: Heals all player troops within 2 squares of Hero's group.
  • *Only usable when all 108 SOD are found.


  • Forgiver Sign is seen once during the McDohl side quest. If the party loses to the Poison Moth, Riou and McDohl will use their runes to defeat the beast. Forgiver Sign is used by Riou to help defeat it.

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