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Boris Wizen

Boris Wizen
Tengou Star (Star of Conflagration)


Portrait Boriswizen02
Sprites Boriswizen03
Japanese ボリス・ワイゼン
Borisu Waizen
Status Alive
Appears in Suikoden II
Origin Two River
Born SY 444
Age ?? (Dunan Unification War)
Height ???cm
Relatives Father Ridley Wizen
Former New State Army member (Choosable)
Race Kobolds
Position Strategist
Attached Runes None
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Boris Wizen shares the Tengou Star in Suikoden II with his father Ridley.


Suikoden IIEdit

Boris, the son of the kobold general Ridley, was able to train to be a strategist at an academy, due to his father's money and influence. He is more refined than most kobolds, and takes very good care of himself.

Suikoden IIEdit


Boris shows up in Dunan in his father's stead if Ridley is killed in the Dunan Unification War. This occurs if you choose to run away with Nanami when she asks you in Tinto.

Character DetailsEdit

Boris leads a military unit.

Richmond InvestigationsEdit

  • Secret: #1

Name: Boris Age: 21

From: Two River

Position: General

Note: Commander of Kobold Army of Two River

  • Secret: #2

"He's a chip of his old pa. As far as his soldiering goes, he's every bit as good as Ridley."

  • Secret: #3

"He's really into his appearance. He brushes his fur for over an hour every morning."

  • Secret: #4

"He's really hurting inside over his father's death, but he's such a pro that he won't let it show. He's one hell of a man...I mean Kobold."

Suggestion Box LettersEdit

  • Vow

Although I'm no substitute for my father, I vow to aid you with all the strength in my worthless hands.

Cook-Off IntroductionEdit

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