The Boar Rune is a type of rune in Suikoden and Suikoden V. It is a melee rune for bare-fisted fighters that increases normal damage for one turn, but causes Unbalanced.


When a runemaster attaches a Boar crystal to a bare-fisted fighter in Suikoden, it becomes a Boar Rune. Pahn has one permanently attached by default.

  • Doubles normal damage for one turn, but causes Unbalanced.

Suikoden VEdit

A rune unique to Nikea.

  • Deals 3× damage to one opponent but accuracy is decreased for the rest of the fight and user becomes unbalanced.


  • Despite the fact that Morgan and Eikei can also equip the rune and more of them can be obtained from Boar family enemies, the description of the rune in Suikoden is "Pahn's Rune".

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