The Blinking Rune (or Blink Rune in Suikoden II) is a rune used for teleporting enemies away or teleporting objects into battle to damage enemies. It is normally used by the teleporting magician, Viki. Unlike most runes, the Blinking Rune has only three usable spells instead of four.


Suikoden IIEdit

  • Ready! Teleport one enemy, failure causes one ally to teleport
  • Set! Teleport objects over enemies' heads so that it falls on them 150 damage all enemies. Failure causes object to teleport over the heads of allies
  • Go! Teleport all monsters, failure teleports all except self

Suikoden IIIEdit

  • Ready! Teleport one foe, failure teleports one ally
  • Set! -200 damage target, foe and allies in area
  • Go! Teleport all foes, failure teleports all other allies

Suikoden IVEdit

  • Ready!: Teleport 1 foe, teleport 1 ally if fails
  • Set!: -200 damage to all foes
  • Go!: Teleport all enemies, teleport number of allies equal to number of foes failed to teleport if fails.

Suikoden VEdit

  • Ready! Teleport one foe--or one ally if fails
  • Set! -200 damage to cluster of enemies
  • Go! Teleports all foes--or one ally if it fails