Big Hole

The Big hole

The Big Hole is a location in Suikoden V.

The Big Hole is a mysterious hole, home to ancient ruins. The Big Hole was claimed to have been created by the Wizard scholar Levi in order to have his apprentice, Bergen, mine for materials that may have been of use for his research. However, the large cave also is the entrance to the large ruins of the capital city of the Ancient Armes Dynasty.

Located under Amdort Mountain, these ancient ruins appear to be in surprisingly good condition, given the myth surrounding the disappearance of the Ancient Armes Dynasty.

During the Falenan Civil War, the ruins were visited by Freyjadour Falenas twice, first escorting Jeane to the ruins, where she opened the doors to the ruins of the city, and, with Freyjadour, navigating the ruins of the city where upon she retrieved an unknown item from a box deep inside a large temple. Later, Jeane and Freyjadour Falenas returned once more, this time finding Eresh, a (supposedly) Nagarean cleric who requested their aid in completing a task. Jeane and the Prince climbed down into the ruins, going two floors deeper than they had during Freyjadour Falenas and Jeane's previous visit. There they helped Eresh complete her task before returning to the surface. However, once they did so, the Ancient Armes Ruins appeared to be sealed; Oboro mentioned that he visited the cave after hearing the Prince had met Eresh in them, but could not find any entrance to the ruins whatsoever.

Most Falenans appeared surprised by the Big Hole's discovery; the cartographer Takamu noted with shame that he had not heard of the cave, and mentioned feeling quite ashamed after bragging so much about making what he thought had been the most accurate map of Falena ever before learning of it.